Sunday, October 28, 2007

Attacks on Peace

What a day! From attempting to encourage my friend to directing the movers where to put my friends furniture and other goods in her new place to having a delicious dinner preparatory to getting chewed out for various alleged misdemeanors over who knows how long a length of time.
Well, that last one may be a play on words but for a while it still felt that way. It seemed to me that my motives were totally suspect, my words were much misunderstood and my actions didn't seem to be comprehended. I was compared to a number of people I know who don't have a very good reputation for doing things properly, for being stubbern, for not cooperating, etc.
After that situation seemed to calm down I was still trying to analyze what had really happened.
I have come to one conclusion. The devil was after me.

Having said that may I hasten to add that God is not only coming after me but He is also in front of me and surrounding me. I have not always fully understood what He is doing in my life but I know I am choosing to have Him in full control of me.

It wasn't the people who were saying the words that were really after me. The Bible says we don't fight against 'flesh and blood', but rather against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

I am so thankful that God keeps reminding me that not only are my human friends and others not my enemies but that He, God, has already defeated 'our' enemy.

I am tired this evening so will close with the following thought. May the God of peace keep you in His love.

Bringer of Peace

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Peace in Time

What a blessed day. Yesterday was one busy day. Today - ahh - is the blessedness of God's wonderful Sabbath rest. Yes, today I can set aside - by divine permission and encouragement - all my concerns, all my frustrations, all my cares and even all my exertions. Today I have the extra time (by removing the 'all' list mentioned above) to focus on my wonderful Creator Lover. Wow!
And that effort to focus more fully on my loving Father in heaven for a whole day not only gives me JOY but strength comes as well (the Joy of the Lord is your strength).
This seventh- day of the week, called Sabbath by my Creator, I have spent some time focusing particularly on Psalm 28. It was like a love letter to me.
I'm putting it on my paraphrase site but it is so good I'm going to share it here also.

1. Written by David. I earnestly address You by name, O Self-Existent One (who is also my refuge). Don't ignore me or leave me alone. If you don't listen to me I will become like those who fall into a prison like pit.
2. Listen carefully to my earnest petitions to You to free me from trouble as I lift my open hands toward Your holy place showing my earnest desire for Your direction in my life.
3. Don't allow me to closely associate with those who work to cause trouble. Outwardly they act and talk friendly to people while inwardly they plan mischief and evil against them.
4 -5. Give these people who try to spoil and hurt others what they deserve. Because they don't accept the Creator's authority may He disconnect His life from them and let them die.
6. I kneel and adore the Creator because He has intelligently listened to me.
7. Trusting the Lord who surrounds and protects me makes me jump for joy, sing and raise my hands to Him in loving worship.
8. The same, majestic, Self-Existent One who frees and protects us also fortifies and defends Messiah.
9. Keep safe those who trust You and speak good to those who accept your authority. Take care of them and bring them into your loving presence forever.

I suppose it has special meaning to me due in part to the immediate situation in my life which is how m heavenly Lover often speaks to me - directing me to something in the Bible that is applicable to the situation I am currently in.

During the remaining hours of this 'Peace in Time' seventh day Sabbath I plan to take in more of the JOY of the Lord which is my strengh and bathe more in His Peace which passes all understanding. If anyone reading this has not already experienced this tremendous blessing which the Bible calls Sabbath I invite you too. It is definitely worth your efforts.

Bringer of Peace

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Excitement is mounting

Another friend of mine in another state has recently been moving. On her blog site she has shared some of the excitement of preparing for that move.

As mentioned earlier I have been helping a friend near by get ready to move. Tomorrow is one of the big days for her. Due to some complexities there is more than one 'moving' day which has made this move rather interesting. I think because of some legal ramifications it has almost been difficult for my friend to 'believe' in some respects that she is being set free. Today, however, I believe it has begun to 'soak in' more. We were both tired by the end of the day but when I ran out of boxes to pack she was talking more and more about her excitement that this move was finally going to happen. I am happy for her too - even if I am tired as well.

I wonder if that might be how it has been in the past between Jesus and myself. Have the problems of this life so got me discouraged that I have forgotten the excitement of getting ready to move 'home' to be with Jesus REAL soon?

Something to think about.

Bringer of Peace

P.S. I'm not sure when I will get back to blogging but hopefully, when I do, it will be with GOOD and exciting news.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Countdown to moving

Sometimes outward peace can be greatly enhanced by removing from yourself from certain circumstances. The Lord has been enabling my friend to be able to do that. Tomorrow is the last full day for packing. Whew! the 'to do' list has been slowly getting smaller but it isn't finished yet.
Last evening I took a short 'nap' and then seemed wide awake. I talked to the Lord for a while claiming promises for my friend. Here are a few promises from God I claimed for my friend as well as some other folks dear to me. Put your name in the place of 'my friend' and this prayer can be your prayer as well.
A Prayer particularly for my friend
With my friend's Creator as her Light, the source of her happiness and her Deliverer, can anyone make her nervous? So long as the Creator defends my friend, can anyone surprise or outwit her? When the person who was against my friend tried to control my riend because of jealousy of my friend and attempted to cut down her productiveness and reduce her joy, that person faltered and failed. Though this person tried to wear my friend down, my friend did not accept that authority. Even though they fought against my friend, she kept meditating on God.
My made a special request to God and has kept asking for it. She longs to have as intimate relationship with her Creator as a loving couple has in marriage. She wants this kind of relationship with God all the rest of her life so she can continue to contemplate with pleasure the beauty of the Lord and admire, care for and consider Him where He lives.
When bad or evil times come God will protect my friend in His home. He will cover and hide her, giving refuge to her as though she were on a cliff high above those against her. In response to my friend being close to God, her Lover, high above those who hate her, she will shout and sing jubilee praises in the Creator's home. she will sing, even accompanied by musical instruments, in celebration of her Creator's love covenant with her.
Lord, my friend addresses You reverently by Name, please favorably respond to her. You long for her to see even more truth about You and Her response is "I will continue to look at You, my Lover." Don't turn away from my friend, even if You do get upset with her. You are her only help. Don't let her go, or break Your covenant with my friend, for You, God, are the One who truly sets her free.

When my friend's father and mother released her when she got married, so the Self-Existent One will take her to Himself as in marriage to complete their love covenant. Creator God, show my friend (like pointing your finger in the right way) where You want her to go and guide her in pleasant, prosperous ways - particularly since my friend's enemy has betrayed her and changed to being hostile toward my friend. Don't allow this person to have her way against my friend, for she has cheated and lied against my friend and has even been violent at times. My friend has chosen to trust her divine Lover and to see His beauty while she is still alive.
To anyone who reads this, stay connected and united to the Creator God and He will keep you alert mentally and physically. Be sure to stay connected to the Creator, Your lover.

May God's peace be inside you today. Remember, you are special.

Bringer of Peace

(This prayer is a personalized version of Psalm 27)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Moving Day - Almost

As some may know I have been helping a lady get ready to move. There have been a lot of legal activities involved with the situation which has made the 'move' far more interesting and, may I say unique, than I think I would want for the average (over the years I have helped many people move). On the other hand, I have been learning many things during this preparation time to move my friend that I most likely would not have learned in most other moving situations.
Because of legalities we couldn't start putting things into boxes and closinog the boxes until after there had been a legal inspection. The other party involved has been, may I suggest, afraid (to the point of almost paranoid) first of all that my friend would not really move out and then when she began to see signs of getting ready to move she expressed 'fear' that my friend was stealing - thus the reason for the inspection before we could begin packing.
That is all in the past now and we have been packing. Another interesting part of this situation is that even though my friend is supposed to be leaving (and we are doing all in our power to make that happen on the appointed day) there has been a constant concern that the other party will attempt to cause damage and then blame my friend so as to 'collect' for the damages.
I have had the advantage of being able to 'leave' the situation and go home for the evening.
My friend still lives there every day so the stress level for her has been much higher. At times the tension has mounted and the effects of that kind of tension have been felt.

Yet, through this whole experience there has been flowing through both of us a sense of God's guidance in very special ways. I haven't always perceived full peace - mainly because I haven't always ascertained God's will quick enough in certain situations - yet over and over again God's guidance has been seen and His peace - and joy - experienced by both of us.

Just last week there were some more legal matters that needed attention. My friend looked at me and asked if I could give her just one good reason why this particular response from her was needed as it seemed to be a repeat of something she had already done before. My mind drew a complete blank and I told her so. Nonetheless I began typing a response as she gave details. About a third of the way through that process the answer to her question suddenly became very clear to me and I shared it with her. Her comments to this legal situation were enabling her to reveal the truth about particulars that had been withheld up to this point. When she saw that her whole attitude changed. And when we finished her comments some time later she made the comment that she felt as though she had been set free - liberated. (I agreed with her.)

A little bit later we were doing some cleaning in the basement and I came up (for some fresh air) and gave her another reason I believe the Lord was getting her out of this place. The basement was full of mold and even though she has not been using the basement that atmosphere does affect the whole house and may even possibly been partial cause for some of her health problems.

Then a third reason was revealed to us about God's leading in this move. This one, to me anyway, was a biggie. The person who 'owns' the property was not able to add my friend's name to the property ownership at the time of purchase. At first this seemed to be a disadvantage. But then we found out that the owner has refinanced the property and maxed out what was able to be gotten from the value. As we were discussing this development I pointed out that when my friend leaves in a few days she will not owe anything due to the fact that her name was not on any of the papers. And particularly since this person has become hostile toward my friend this is very good so when my friend walks away she will not carry with her financial obligations.

These points mentioned above are blessings and they have been nice when discovered by us. I thank the Lord for His goodness to my friend. And even though I am not personally 'moving' somehow I have been able to 'share' in some of the joy and peace that the Lord has been giving to my friend.

We are looking forward to 'moving' day. I've not yet got everything packed - but I'm working on it. It has been and is and will be a lot of work. Yet, when the door is shut on the house my friend is leaving and the keys are given to the lawyer I sense there will be a deeper sense of peace than what we have even previously experienced. Yes, the new place needs to be arranged and there is lots and lots of unpacking to be done (especially with the unusual way things had to be packed in the first place) and lots of littles will need to be addressed, but through it all there will be a freedom that my friend has not had since she got into the present situation. She has had an inner peace through her connection with our heavenly Father, but she is looking forward to a renewal of some peace in her living setup that has long been missing.

A move can be stressful and usually is in one way or another. This time, however, I think the move will be one way to reduce stress as well, praise the Lord, and bring more peace. That is my prayer.

Maiden, Bringer of Peace

Monday, October 22, 2007

Words from the Prince of Peace

There are some words in the Bible that just can't be construed to be 'peace' or 'peaceful'.
One of Jesus' names is Prince of Peace and an incomplete picture of what God is like might lead a person to believe that just because Jesus is called the Prince of Peace that must mean there is only Peace around Him.

That is the ultimate goal, Yes! But there is also another reality. Someone chose to become an enemy to the Prince of Peace. And one of this enemy's concepts is that if God says it or said it then in order to not be in agreement with the Prince of Peace that concept must be, has to be changed in some way, shape or form - otherwise the enemy and Jesus would be agreeing.

Have you ever met someone that seems to think that way?

Anyway, Jesus knew about that this challenge. Therefore He gave all who choose to belong to Him a weapon that would protect them from this problem.

Jesus gave to human beings the Written Word - we now call the Bible.

When Jesus became a human being He used that weapon against Satan - His arch enemy.

When Jesus returned to heaven He left His written Word, the Bible, with His human family so that they too could have that weapon against Satan.

There are many promises dealing with peace for those who choose to love God.

There are also some rather strong statements from God that don't sound very peaceful to those who choose any will other than God's will for their lives.

That statement is the key. When a person chooses God's will God promises to give an inner peace that is beyond explaination. But when a person chooses any other will outside of God's will that gives Satan 'room' to bring in all other kinds of situations that don't always seem 'peaceful'.

Even in the life of a person who has chosen God's will there come situations that don't seem
peaceful at the moment.

Psalm 27 deals with some of those scenarios.

If you are interested in reading my perceptions of Psalm 27 just click on the link to the right of this blog.

Those words have become so meaningful to me in some recent situations and I thank the Prince of Peace for helping me to focus on the real source of Peace - Him and my love relation to Him.

Bringer of Peace

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Choices creating heart Peace

I have been unpacking Psalm 26. That Psalm has a lot of information on making choices that will lead to God's kind of peace in one's heart. It is posted on the paraphrase link if you are interested in reading my present understanding of its meaning.

Bringer of Peace

Choice to have Peace

Yesterday was interesting at best. My friend that I have been helping has had some very real concerns about the upcoming move she will be making soon. There are many details that still seem almost frightening to her at times. The person who turned against her first of all was fearful that my friend would not move and now that she is 'moving' the person is afraid that my friend will steal things. (That is definitely one effect of not having real peace in a person's heart.) But yesterday, as we were working in the home office, my friend got a call from the people she will be leasing from. She came to find out the the wife was also an artist (as is my friend) and that was one thing that attracted them to the house where my friend will be moving into as well. They had moved from the house because they wanted more acerage than this place afforded. But for one person the house will be fine. I really felt that God had this phone call come at just this time as an encouragement to my friend that God is still in control even though there still seem to be 'threats' to disrupt this detatchment process.

As I watched as well as participated in various events yesterday I realized that in my life also I have to make choices as to whether I will accept God's peace in my heart (which is not dependent on externals even if outside events seem to be dictating otherwise) or allow external circumstances to dictate how I will 'feel' - my conditions for peace.

We are in a drought in our area. The well on our farm, to my knowledge, has never 'stayed' dry. It hasn't yet gone totally dry now but there does not seem to be enough water for the pump to fill the pressure tank and keep it full. We have been turning the pump on only when we really need water and so far we are thus managing for drinking and bathroom needs. (We are presently doing laundry elsewhere though.) It has been a challenge in ways but somehow I believe that even this experience reveals whether or not it is God's peace I have in my heart or a substitute termed 'peace' where no 'current' events are happening to upset a person.

What kind of peace do I have today?

Bringer of Peace


Monday, October 15, 2007

Prayer for Peace

It seems that the pace slowed down a tiny bit. Perhaps it may have been in part because I have had a cold and couldn't keep going as much. Then when I seemed to be doing better my dear hubby got some of the symptoms. He has had more runny nose than I did - I don't envy him.

Anyway, during some of this time I have been working on Psalm 25. A fascinating way of looking at Psalm 22 - 25 seems to be emerging in my thinking. Take it for what it is worth to you.

Psalm 22 was a prophecy of what was happening in Jesus' mind as he was on the cross - giving us a little insight as to the temptations Jesus faced. To begin with Jesus asked the question - "Have you forsaken me?" (Not 'why' because in verse 11 Jesus asks God not to forsake Him indicating God had not forsaken Jesus.)

Psalm 23 is an affirmation of the unity and care of God - first of all for Jesus when He lived as a human on this earth, and then for all who accept that Jesus has already saved them from sin -missing God's plan for them.

Psalm 24 includes the triumphal reentry of Jesus back to heaven in glory and honor because He not only redeemed human beings from the slavery to Satan but He revealed how - by connection to the Prince of Peace (Himself) - they too can live at peace with God and each other.

Psalm 25 seems to be a prayer - personal, intimate and passionate - deep from David's heart (and can be from mine also) to have that same oneness, that same unity, that same intimacy with God the Father as Jesus had when He lived as a human being here on earth.

Praise God, He is in the business of answering that kind of prayer.

Bringer of Peace

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Leading to Peace

God's plan for me was and is that I 'stay' in His peace. But because of choices I've made to 'disconnect' from God's will for me I have not always 'been in peace' - God's peace.

This morning I have been unpacking Psalm 25. The first few verses have been giving me thoughts along this topic.

I come close to You, Creator God. 2. I find refuge in You - Almighty and Supreme. Don't let me pale in embarrassment and don't let those who hate me gloat over me. 3. Don't let anyone who is connected to you be embarrassed. Rather, let them be embarrassed who cover up their wrongs. 4. Enable me to KNOW Your course of life for me and entice me with Your incentives to keep me in Your will, O Self-Existent One.

God is in the business of drawing me closer and closer to Him. This, of course, draws me closer to His will, including His Peace in me.

Today is special for me. I have the privilege of laying aside my everyday cares, concerns and even work to spend special time with the Creator God of the Universe by His express request. It still seems awesome to me that God should be so interested in me personally to give me such an invitation, but I'm very happy to take it and definitely profit by my special time with Him.

Feel free to join me, for the invitation has been personally extended to you as well.

May God give you His peace in a very special way today - God's seventh-day Sabbath.

Bringer of Peace

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Heart Peace

The only real peace is that which is in one's heart. The word is used otherwise, such as a peaceful scene, peace on earth, etc. but true peace comes from the inside. That is why when Jesus said 'Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you', He added 'let not your heart be troubled'.

Circumstances and experiences can lead one to understand true peace better but they do not either give peace or take it away.

The real basis for true peace comes from 'who I know'. One of Jesus' other names is Prince of Peace. Yet just being 'around' Jesus does not assure me of Peace. Judas spend somewhere around 3 years in close connection with Jesus but he sure didn't end up with true peace.

This morning I read the illustration of a graft. Until the branch that is being grafted in to the root stalk fully connects to the point where the sap and nutrition from the roots begin to flow into it, it may still be 'bound' to the root stalk but the connection is 'useless'.

So it is with me. I may talk about Jesus, I may study about Jesus, I may even 'act' like Jesus, but until I receive a constant flow of nourishment from Jesus, I don't have His peace - and JOY!

I'm learning.

May the God of Peace continue to teach you how to get that 'living' connection into His peace.

Bringer of Peace.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Word picture of a Peace based relationship

One of my early recollections is learning to say Psalm 23 from a very pretty poster. My mother had one for Psalm 23, Psalm 1 and the Ten Commandments. (There may have been others but those are the ones I remember.)
I remembered learning them but I couldn't recall them in later years by memory (until I learned them to music which seems to do a much better job of recall).

Anyway, as I have mentioned before, I have been 'unpacking' portions of scripture using the Bible and Strong's concordance and asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom to the meaning for me.

Psalm 22 was much longer and took quite a bit of time. This weekend I put Psalm 22 into my own words and posted it on the paraphrase site. Today I decided to 'review' Psalm 23, even though it was much more familiar to me.

There may not have been as many surprises because I was more aquainted with it but I still found it very interesting. Since it is short I am including it here as well as in the paraphrases link.

Somehow I like that word 'celebration' to describe the sentiments of this scripture. May God's peace flow in to your heart as you partake of His spirit in a deeper way while reading Psalm 23.

Bringer of Peace

A musical celebration using voice and instrument, written by David.
Since I am being taken care of by the Self-Existent One, I lack nothing. He leads me to repose and rest in lovely, beautiful places: He enables me to run with a sparkle upwards to peaceful refreshment. He restores my vitality: He conducts me with delight to prosperous areas because of who He is and because He is paying attention to me. Even when I experience calamity, I won't be afraid of being broken for You are with me - You guide, protect and console me. You take care of me, even in the presence of those who are against me. You satisfy me with more than enough. Joyful favor and beautiful kindness will revive and refresh me and I will be permanently married into the family of God.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Psalm 22

I have been 'unpacking' Psalm 22 for some time now. When I get to the end of a chapter it always seems as though I have never really 'seen' it before. The same is true of this Psalm.

For anyone interested in my present understanding go to the paraphrase link on the side and click on Psalm 22

Good day

A new Week

Another week, another opportunity to grow in Jesus who is the Prince of Peace.
I managed to get to my children's class at church this weekend. I didn't really 'feel' ready but I was determined to do the best I could which I did. God was merciful and due to an unforseen set of circumstances the church didn't have water. It was decided, mainly for the children's sake, that church would be held early and people could go home early.
We had about a 15 minute class during which I attempted to 'sing' one song :(
Fortunately the children 'knew' the song pretty good and were able to follow the pictures.
So, after another short 'spoken' presentation with pictures, we went for church.

After church it was found out the some 'points' in the pump system were burned. By next week everything should be 'working' and I hope my voice will be too.

Before the weekend I had taken a friend shopping. When we arrived at the checkout it was discovered that her purse had been stolen - including a brand new credit card. She was in tears (I don't blame her) and we ended up just going home so she could report the theft as soon as possible. Later in the evening, when my husband found out what had happened he suggested to go back and pay for her groceries for her. When she realized what he had done she was again in tears but this time for joy.

Since we were on our way to our son's 21st birthday celebration we couldn't stay around long. The next day, however, when she called me, she thanked us again and told me that we had helped restore her faith in God - Praise the Lord.

Somehow, that kind of an appreciation gives an inner peace, knowing we have helped the Lord.

Yet, through all of this and much more, the Lord is showing how to stay in His peace.

May you learn more of God's peace and experience more of it as well.

Bringer of Peace

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Peace of mind

Monday is past. This is one time I am really glad that is true. As mentioned earlier I have been helping a lady friend who was sued by another person. This Monday the lawyers came and the other lady went through my friends place. She has been 'fearful' that my friend is 'stealing' her stuff. To prepare for this 'Monday' we separated my friend's things from the other lady's things. On Monday everyone watched as the other lady 'went through' my friend's things. If it hadn't been so serious it was at times funny - or maybe better put, pathetic. She took a dust pan and broom. She wanted my friend's turkey forks. There were many other smaller items she pulled out, indicating that she considered them her property. My friend also got to go through and indicate if there were any items she considered were hers. After that was over then the 'two sides' went back and forth on the 'contested' items. I haven't heard the final 'report' from today but I am hoping that most, if not all of the items, are taken care of so we can 'move on'

One lady who was writing the contested list item made the comment to me that it was like a couple of little kids. I agree with one exception. I think one of the 'kids' was very much a bully.

Previous to this - beginning maybe 6-7 years ago - this person had begged my friend to be her 'mother'. My friend had gradually laid aside her various means of support to help this lady and get her set up in business. But then, when the business was going good, suddenly the other person wanted nothing more to do with my friend, to the point of trying to evict her out on the street. It didn't work quite that way, but at this point in time there seems to be an out of court agreement and Monday's activities was an attempt at bringing 'a closing' to this nasty turn of events so my friend can 'move on' with her life as a writer and an artist.

My friend has signed a lease for another place to live. We have 'separated' her things and hopefully we will SOON get them packed and to the new location as soon as possible, now that it seems that the other side has agreed to the 'separations'.

But all of this has taken a toll. I guess I was pushing hard to get everything separated by Monday. Now that Monday is past I have sort of just been in neutral. For the past couple of weeks I have been struggling with a sore throat and laryngitis and I have got to slow down for at least a little while before we get to the 'final' move to get my friend into her new place.

Yet for all of the above I have a peace in my mind and heart that what we did was the best that could be done under the circumstances. I'm thankful, very thankful, for one shining attribute of my friend. She appreciates my help. We have had a few disagreements on 'technique', you might say. Yet, many times, even after I have left for the day she will call me to make sure I knows that she appreciates what I did to help her. I think that is one thing that has caused me to want to go the second mile for her.

Some other folks we have been trying to help recently, or so it comes across to me anyway, seem to almost consider that they are doing us a favor when we help them. I don't think they think that but the way they act seems that way at times.

We have been trying to 'juggle' space in the house next door. One lady has been living on a porch for a couple of years. She wants an inside room and I think we finally have one available. Yet, somehow, we have almost perceived the feeling that she believes she deserves it rather than what I have considered a job and a half to try to work things out so she could have it. (That does sound like maybe I have an attitude problem as well. I'm working on it.)

Back to this 'peace of mind' thought. I know God gives Peace. I also believe others can assist in giving peace. Lastly, it is up to me to decided what kind of peace I will 'have'.

May the peace of God flood your heart and life just now. Hey, just the fact that you have read this means you are special. Peace to you.

Bringer of Peace