Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Peace in Believing 3

For some time now I have been impressed that one primary reason God gives us His Peace and His Joy in our hearts, as well as other attributes of His character, is so that others can see what He is really like.

The text "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you" has been going through my mind. Does that text mean I am to find something 'thank worthy' in every situation? Not really. It doesn't say give thanks for the situation in which you may find yourself. I am becoming more and more convinced it is the 'attitude of gratitude' God is asking me to have. When I give thanks to God I reveal Him to others through His character they see in me. That puts a lot of responsibility on me - in one respect. Yet, according to the text it is also God's will for me. I can choose to give thanks to God. I can choose to be grateful.

Another text came to mind as a companion to the above one I just quoted. "Rejoice in the Lord alway" is for as long a time as is the directive to give thanks. Giving thanks and rejoicing in the Lord - not for what may be going on at the moment but because who God really is and what He is really like - sounds like a recipe to transform me from an old, critical, fault-finding, nit-picking commentary into a person who is reflecting what God is like in word and deep to anyone within the sphere of my influence. WOW!

On another note, who needs to watch 'soap operas' when real life experiences make soap opera dramas seem 'tame'. Last night we took some 'supper' and a birthday cake over to a friends house as a bit of a surprise. While we were eating she got a call stating that her electricity would be turned off by a certain date if she didn't 'pay' immediately. We sort of 'laid it aside' for the moment as we were thanking the Lord for giving our friend another year of life. On our way out after a lovely visit we stopped and picked up her mail and took it back to her (her box is quite a way from the house so we usually try to get the mail to her when we 'come around'.

This morning she called me to tell me that in the mail we picked up for her was a check with sufficient funds to pay her electric bill with some extra. I could only praise the Lord for another specific indicator of His loving watchcare.

Today I took her into town to take care of some business, then we went to get a few groceries. I had picked out a few items for our family and then helped her with her list. When we got to the checkout counter she put all the groceries together and paid for ours as well as hers - a bit of a surprise to me. I couldn't help but thank the Lord again, though, for in reality we did not have money for groceries until the end of the week but someone had given me a few dollars so I was trying to get bread, Orange juice and a few other staples. We were not hungry for we have home canned and home frozen food, but to me it was another indicator of God's love for us.

The kind of God I am learning about more and more does have a care for little things as well as 'big' things in each one of our lives. He has been opening my heart to see more and more how He really cares for me and loves me. He longs for me to become more like Him and I believe that is one reason He has been reminding me of the importance of the attitude of gratitude.

Someone called and wanted to know if we would have time to focus on another picture of God with him this evening. We agreed so I'll close for this time.

In the meantime may I encourage you to join me in 'giving thanks' and 'rejoicing in the Lord' always for this is God's will concerning you - that others can see what God is like through you.

Bringer of Peace.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Peace from within

This morning (now afternoon) I have spent way too long trying to post. I have been studying Psalm 50 for some time now and was trying to put a 'paraphrase' on the link to the right. At times I have gotten very frustrated with the 'regulations' of 'blogging'. [I almost had a flashback to the days of 'DOS'. Some time around then I made an agreement that DOS and I agreed to disagree. One dot, one space in the wrong place and you were 'done' if you were working in DOS in the early days of computering - at least in my early days. I would be almost in tears trying to just get to the program where I supposed to be doing the work in the office where I was located. Fortunately the supervisor would usually be able to get me where I needed to go so I could do the 'work'. When I began working with 'windows' I agreed that others could take care of DOS.]
Today was almost that bad - but the problem was this is still windows. I have concluded that the blog site won't read 'Word' so I have to type in everything one word at a time instead of 'copy' and 'paste'. That gets old hat real fast. I may start looking for another 'site'. We'll see.

Having said all of that you may wonder what kind of a peace that is? Well, it isn't. Many things on the 'outside' are used by the opposition to try to frustrate me on the inside. In fact, those are the primary kinds of weapons used by the enemy who is working to defeat me in my journey into the peace that passes understanding.

One thing I have been learning through this and other experiences is that God is not talking of an outward based, outward produced 'peace'. God says "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled." John 14

God's kind of peace is first of all a gift from God and very different from the world's brand. I am becoming more and more convinced that His peace dwelling in me is based on my picture of God in my heart. If I believe a lie about God - who He is or what He is like - it will affect how I feel toward Him and it could be a very effective barrier to my receiving God's peace in me.

Another possible challenge to being able to receive the gift of God's peace is who I believe I am.

But I am praising the Lord that the more I learn about Him the more I am able to recognize who I am in Christ. Properly understanding that I am already His child gives me the ability to accept His love for me and to believe that He has special plans for me - personally.

I have much more to do today so must close for now.

Until we meet again, 'turn your eyes upon Jesus'. By beholding Him, He will change You.

Yours in Christ,

Bringer of Peace

Monday, November 17, 2008

What's going on

Hardly seems that another November is over half gone already. One thing that seems to make time 'fly' is when one is involved in many things more or less at the same time. Another aspect, at least for me however, is that in the past few days I have also been 'fighting' a cold.

I am a believer in the power of garlic and when this cold first began I blended several cloves of garlic in V8 juice (with some coconut oil) and drank it. It is hard on my stomach but it works wonders for the sinuses. Another way I use garlic is to hold a clove in my mouth. That also seems to help 'keep' the congestion down. I have tried to slow down some and til this morning my sinuses have not been too congested most of the time.

Yesterday our son wanted us to come to an Expo that was put on by the company he works with. Five of us agreed to go and I really enjoyed seeing some of the products. After the Expo my brother-in-law wanted to stop at some stores to look at furniture, so the excursion took several hours before we finally got home.

This morning, though, I got the distinct impression that I needed some 'big guns', so to speak, against the 'cold bugs'. My sinuses were getting so bad that tears were coming to my eyes.
I decided that even though my stomach disagrees with the garlic drink I needed to do it again.
Adding the coconut oil to the blended garlic had helped considerably last time so I tried it again. I'm sure it helped but even then it took several minutes for the stomach to stop complaining and threatening a 'return of the swallow'. Needless to say, after a short rest my sinuses have calmed down and I am much more ready to face another day. I'm not sure I will get everything done I had hoped to do but at least what I do do won't have as many tears on them.

We have been having some chilly nights again. It was in the 20s F. last night. We do like fresh air in our sleeping area though, but with enough blankets and (last night in particular) a 'night cap' on our heads we slept well. Last evening my hubby did start a fire in the wood stove which kept the rest of the house from getting quite so chilly before morning.

Well, the day is progressing and I need to too. For starters, the dog just got loose. The woodstove fire went out, the neighbors came to greet, the dishes need washing . . . .

Until we meet again, may the God of peace fill you with all JOY and PEACE in believing.

Bringer of Peace

P.S. I do want to add a big THANK YOU to God. My brother had an accident with a nail gun that had the potential to kill or maim him for life but only damaged his glasses with a renegade 'nail'. (For more info go to 'Clay Feet' listed at the right - blog titled 'Fire in the Hole') I love my brother and praise the Lord that he is alive and well.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sabbath day of Peace

Even though God's peace begins on the 'inside', He has also given a symbol of His peace in a specified period of time every week. When God completed the creation of this world He said it was very good.

The whole loyal universe had been watching as more of the character of the Creator God through His actions had been displayed during the creation of this world. When He announced that He was done and that He was very satisfied with His work, the Bible says that the sons of God shouted for joy and the 'stars' sang. (In Revelation 'stars' also are called angels or heavenly beings.) And what a time of celebration that was. I used to think that God sort of 'sat back', but I just read something that leads me to believe that God himself joined in that grand celebration. In a book on the life of Christ called "Desire of Ages" is this little word picture. "

In the beginning the Father and the Son had rested upon the Sabbath after their work of creation. When 'the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them' (Genesis 2:1) the Creator and all heavenly beings rejoiced in contemplation of the glorious scene. 'The morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.' Job 38:7.

Reading that makes my heart want to join the rest of the loyal universe in that grand scene of rejoicing. And since the Creator gave the seventh day Sabbath to man as an outward symbol of loyalty to Him, this Sabbath gives me the right to show the universe that I not only love God but that I am ready to rejoice again even as happened on that first wonderful Sabbath at the end of Creation.

Reading on in the same passage, however, added even more meaning to what the seventh day Sabbatath has acquired. And to me it makes sense that the same God who 'began' the Seventh day Sabbath meaning has a right to 'add' meaning to it when He so chooses. "Now Jesus rested from the work of redemption (when He was in the tomb); and though there was grief among those who loved Him on earth, yet there was joy in heaven. Glorious to the eyes of heavenly beings was the promise of the future. A restored creation, a redeemed race, that having conquered sin could never fall, -- this, the result to flow from Christ's completed work, God and angels saw. With this scene the day upon which Jesus rested is forever linked. For 'His work is perfect;' and 'whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever.' Deuteronomy 32:4; Ecclesiastes 3:14. When there shall be a 'restitution of all things, which God hath spoeken by the mouth of His holy prophets since the world began' Acts 3:21, the creation Sabbath, the day on which Jesus lay at rest in Joseph's tomb, will still be a day of rest and rejoicing. Heaven and earth will unite in praise, as 'from one Sabbath to another' (Isaiah 66:23) the nations of the saved shall bow in joyful worship to God and the Lamb. Desire of Ages 769,770

I know, some folks believe the seventh day Sabbath of rejoicing and rest was just for the Jews. Problem with that was that there were no 'Jews' per se until long after the Sabbath was 'made' by God. Actually the Sabbath has been used by God to 'mark' those who choose to be loyal to Him whether they are Jews, Greeks, Romans, Americans, Chinese or any other 'human' definition of a people group.

I do admit that many of the traditions that have been 'attached' to Sabbath observance did not come from the Creator God. Quite honestly, after studying the 'war' between Christ and Satan as revealed in the Bible I have come to have an even healthier respect for the beauty and value of the 'Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy' sign as God set it up from the beginning of this world. It is also almost been humorous at times (if it wasn't really very sadi) watching how some people do everything they seem to be able to do to get people to 'forget' the one thing God said to 'remember'. I may not be able change the way others respond to the wonderful gift of the Sabbath to the human family but I can enjoy and celebrate the love of God in a special way on this seventh day Sabbath, His holy day.

We often do go to church on Sabbath. I have been teaching a group of rather small children. This week was a bit of a challenge because I felt last night that I was trying to fight off a 'cold'. I took a fairly large dose of Vitamin C along with some other 'herbs' and went to church claiming God's guidance and strength. We have been learing about the birth of Jesus between now and the end of the year. The youngness of the children encourages me to use a lot of activities. I did use songs (although at first I wasn't sure if I could sing or not) and I am hoping by the end of the year some of the children will be able to sing at least a few of the songs to take into their lives with them.

When I got to the actual church 'service' I found out that there was no one to accompany the singing so I offered to play the piano. I didn't sing but I thoroughly enjoyed using my gift of playing the piano to the glory of God.

There was a fellowship lunch at the church but I decided I had pushed my body 'far enough' so I came home. I made a garlic tomato coconut drink and drank it while I ate a few mashed potatoes. Garlic is a great 'natural remedy' for a stuffed up head. I have used it before but usually my stomach goes into almost immediate rebellion for several minutes when I send very much garlic down at one time. When I added the coconut oil to the concoction though my stomach and I were both happy and my head has felt much better as well.

A friend let us know about a very good speaker in a nearby town but for this Sabbath I think I have almost reached the limit of what I can surround for this day.

I am happy to celebrate with the universe, but due to my physical limitations today I am going to enjoy some of the 'rest' as well as the 'blessing'.

I pray that as you have read this you too can experience the Sabbath rest and Peace.

Bringer of Peace

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pictures of the God of Peace

A few weeks ago we agreed to try to help some folks in need. After getting to know them better I was deeply impressed that one of their greatest needs was to get a true picture of God. As I have been sharing I have also been greatly increasing my own collection of updated pictures of God.

One of my favorite Psalms ( I learned to sing it years ago) is Psalm 103. That is like a whole album of snapshots of the real character of God, particularly in relation to human beings. Here are just a few of them I enjoy 'looking at'.

The real God forgives (gives us His love for - in place of - our unloving attitudes and spirit).

The genuine God heals us.

This God rescues us from the consequences of our wrong choices and bad actions.

The God of Peace encircles us, surrounds us, with His love, His kindness, His tenderness and doesn't give us what we really deserve.

The Creator God puts His words into my mouth (and remember, His word is power since He is the Creator of all). That kind of power in my 'mouth', means that now I have His power in me. With His power flowing through me I am 'renewed - given new life and new freedom in Him - which enables me to live life the way the God of love and Peace intended me to live.

In some of my 'quiet' time with God I have also been looking at Psalm 50 with the intent of learning more about what God is really like. [Some time ago I began taking a portion of scripture and 'unpacking it' - looking for the meanings both of the context and in words themselves.] (See side link 'Paraphrases' for more on that topic.) As I have been doing this in Psalm 50 I am again being impressed with the 'hidden' (at times anyway) intensity of quite a few of the words. The King James Version of the Bible is fine, but over and over again I sense that the translators 'toned down' the original intensity intended by the writer. For much of my life I think I have missed how intensely the Creator God loves me. I have heard some intensity when topics of 'retribution', 'punishment' or other 'negative' topics have been presented. But when God's love, mercy (not giving what is deserved), compassion (coming alongside someone else with loving passion) grace (giving and sharing what is not deserved) and many other positive characteristics of God were presented I did not usually sense the same intensity in the presentation.
I'm not finished with the whole Psalm yet but here are a few more 'snapshots' of our wonderful Lord that I invite you to take with you into your memory's gallery.

The Creator God of the Universe wants to talk to me. He has a group of people (I believe He delights to call us His 'family'). In Psalm 50 He begins by talking to us, His family.

He starts out by reminding us - His family - that He is not in a relationship with us to 'benefit' Him. Since He is already the 'owner' of everything in the first place, anything we might 'give' to Him came from Him to begin with.

What God is really longing to receive from us, though, is an attitude of gratitude. When we tell God 'thank you', it not only gives us satisfaction but it brings JOY to God.

God then goes on to remind us that He is intensely interested in every part of our lives. He invites us to tell Him not only how we feel and how we perceive what is going on in our lives but reviews that fact that He will take care of us.

One often quoted promise from Psalm 50 (15) is an special invitation from God. "Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you and you will give me the glory (credit).

There is a lot more in Psalm 50 and hopefully I will be able to share more soon. For now may I encourage you to go looking for pictures of the 'real God' in His written word. The more accurately I see God, the more He is able to use me to show others what He is really like also.

Until we meet again, may God's Peace be with you.

Bringer of Peace

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Atmosphere around a person

I have been doing some spiritually oriented study on the concept that there is an atmosphere surrounding every person that not only affects that person but all who come in contact with that person. There are different 'names' for this concept, but the basic concept is the same. Take it for what it is worth but here are a few thoughts that I have gleaned during my perusal of this topic.

"The spirit and word and influence you carry are making impressions
upon the minds of others. The atmosphere which surrounds the soul, if it
is evil, will be like a spiritual malaria, which will be poisonous to those around.
But it is profitable for the soul to have an atmosphere that will be a
savor of life unto life to others.
When the soul is weighted with the truth
which works by love and purifies the soul, a heavenly atmosphere will
pervade the soul."

We were in Africa for 6 years and while there had some opportunity to see first hand the 'effects' of the malaria 'bug'. There are several different kinds of malaria, but one that is very common causes a person to get chills and then fever on a fairly regular 'cycle'. Between the chills and fever a person may feel 'normal'. I began to compare the knowledge about the effects of physical malaria to an 'atmosphere' that was compared to malaria. Could a person with that kind of 'atmosphere' around them at times seem to be 'on fire' but then 'chill out', toward whatever they are dealing with? And then part of the time they may seem 'normal'? I have met people who seem to function that way on a fairly regular basis.

On the other hand - and this is what really encouraged me - I won't have 'malaria' when Jesus is in my heart. For some reason or another neither my husband or myself ever had malaria when we were in Africa on mission. I believe God wants to 'heal' me so my 'atmosphere' will give life to others.

Here is another interesting quote on this subject.

"Either we are on Christ's side of the question or on the enemy's
side. And if we are continually drawing rays of divine light from
glory, angels of God are around about us and there is an atmosphere
that surrounds the human soul. Our very attitude, our very words,
witness genuine conversion to all who come with the sphere of
our influence."

In my imagination it is as though by my putting God's word inside of me, those words shine out, creating an atmosphere of 'light' all around me. The next quotes helped me see how that can become a reality.

"It is the atmosphere of grace which surrounds the soul of
the believer, the Holy Spirit working upon mind and heart,
that makes him a savor of life unto life, and enables God to bless
his work."

"God's word is full of assurances of what he will do for us
if we will come to Him and ask in faith. Faith is essential. It
surrounds the soul with the atmosphere that pervades
This is the rest that Christ has promised to all who
come to Him."

God is in the business of surrounding me with the atmosphere of grace. That is awesome.

As I read a little more I came across how I can affect the atmosphere around me for good.

Sweeten the atmosphere that surrounds your soul. . . .
Praise with heart and soul and voice, Him who is the health
of your countenance, Your Saviour, and Your God. "

"Christ in the heart, Christ in the life, this is our safety.
The atmosphere of His Presence will fill the soul with
abhorrence of all that is evil."

"The souls of those who love Jesus will be surrounded
with a pure, fragrant atmosphere.
"A heavenly atmosphere surrounds his soul; for
Christ is abiding within."

Sad to say, I can also 'pollute' my atmosphere.

"If he is living in selfishness, he surrounds his soul
with a malarious atmosphere;"

I am humbly grateful that God has not accepted some of my previous choices (which polluted my 'atmosphere'). He is still seeking to bring me close to Him. He has also sacredly guarded my power to choose. This next thought brings that out clearly.

"The atmosphere that surrounds the soul is
fraught with influence for good or evil. It may be full
of poison and malaria, or be fragrant and pure and
health giving.
This moral influence will be according
to our connection with Christ
or our separation from
Him who is light and life.

Praise the Lord! I can still choose to 'sweeten' the atmosphere around me.

"Open the windows of the soul heavenward, and
let the light of the Sun of Righteousness in. Do not complain.
Do not mourn and weep. Do not look on the dark side. Let the
Peace of God reign in your soul. Then you have strength to
bear all your sufferings, and you will rejoice that you have
grace to endure. Praise the Lord; talk of His goodness; tell
of His power. Sweeten the atmosphere which
surrounds your soul."

I learned more than I have shared here, but in closing for this time, consider the following.

"If you seek the help and grace of God, the Holy Spirit will
take possession of mind and character and work in you that
which you can work out with all safety to yourself, and with
all benefit to others. . . . The atmosphere that surrounds
your soul will be of a
pure, healthful character."

What a wonderful heavenly Father I have. And I pray that you will not only be blessed by my sharing with you today but you will also receive the inflowing of the Holy Spirit to 'sweeten' the atmosphere around you even more.

Go in Peace with Jesus.

Bringer of Peace

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update November

I'm finally home. I spent most of the day waiting in court or waiting for paperwork to be done so the young man could go back home. The actual court date is for January. I think one 'reason' for seeming 'delay' today was giving his mom and myself time to practice praise the Lord and affirming.

We hope and pray that God will keep us in the learning curve of how to affirm and how to 'let go'. God won't always work when we are trying to 'do it for Him'. We have been practicing - mainly the young man's mom and myself - ways to express affirmation to others. Sometimes we have been practicing on each other. It has been somewhat interesting how hard it sometimes seems to find some words to affirm another person. Praise - affirming God - is also something we have been practicing.

After sitting around a good share of the afternoon I knew I needed to get at least a couple of errands run so we left the court area for a while. My friend mom was getting hungry so she treated me to a delightful meal from Country Cookin' after my errands were complete. We took the meals back to the court area and ate while we waited. We were both very satisfied. Not too long after we finished lunch the young man finally got released, Praise the Lord.

When he got in the car I suddenly realized how many things I wanted to say that were not 'affirmative'. I'm sure the man was already plenty stressed out and we didn't need to 'add to' his stress level.

Well, it definitely has been a learning curve for me today.

During the day I did have opportunity to talk with some folks by phone. When I called my dear sister she was a great encouragement to me. At times I have been able to encourage her. This time she encouraged me. Praise the Lord

Well, I have so many things going on at present I better close for now.

Until later, Peace be with you

Bringer of Peace

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Guided by the God of Peace

Not everything that happens is peaceful or even peace producing. We are in a war. Sometimes it seems that we are 'living' on the battle ground or even the front lines. No one in a war can sit back and think all is peaceful and calm even though for the moment it may appear that way.

What is more challenging is that this war is not with flesh and blood. The war began long ago and the opposing forces began formation even before this earth was created. On the one side, headed by the Captain of the Lord's Hosts - Jesus Christ, also called Michael - is the eternal God of the Universe and His loyal subjects. The opposition forces are made up of all who choose any will other than God's will for them - both angelic and human.

Paul said that God's army is fighting against principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.

Even though we are not fighting 'flesh and blood', needless to say humans are very much involved in this war. Each individual is on one side or the other of this war. Not only is each person on each side, their individual decisions have much to do with the spiritual battle waging all around us. Their decisions can 'make' or 'break' a battle. That is pretty significant, I'd say.

For those of you who know us, (perhaps all too well) we agreed to help a young man who got extradited to this area on some legal charges (hopefully for only a few weeks.?). Shortly after he arrived his mother came to see if she could be of any help. They have been a blessing and a big help to us while they have been here. But this is also where things have gotten 'rather interesting', to put it mildly.

It seems that the 'war' has become much more clearly defined, in my mind anyway, especially during the past week or so. I also believe that I am getting a better idea of what God was talking about when He told us to put on HIS armor. God wants us to prosper and be in health, even as our souls prosper. That has also become all the more clear to me these past few days.

To make a long story (continuing at present) short, I pray that God will get us through today. Tomorrow the young man goes to court. My prayer desire is that the charges will be dropped. I don't believe he is guilty as charged. On the other hand, having gotten to know him better these past few days I am convinced that far more is involved in this case than simply a legal charge.

As I have tried to share with both the young man and his mother the need for them to focus their minds primarily on what God is really like and what He has already done - my definition of 'Praise' - it has been amazing how much more of a picture of the God of Peace has become clearer to me

I shared with them a short quote that has been a blessing to me these past months. I posted it on the poster link but the words are:
"I saw we must be daily
rising and keep the ascendancy above the powers of darkness. Our
God is mighty. I saw singing to the glory of God often drove the
enemy away, and praising God would beat him
back and give us the victory."

One of my friends felt that the word praise could be better changed to 'trust'. I don't have any problem with that. I guess for me the word praise (using the definition I gave earlier) seemed to me to be something I could wrap my mind around better. I have been able to focus on attributes of God and activities of God - which I understand is what praise means - somehow a little bit better than I have yet been able to 'define' the word 'trust'. But if trust works for my friend, great.

Anyone who reads this, would you please pray that God will have mercy on this young man so he can be released from bond and return to his home out west. As I said earlier I believe the charges stem from what the accuser did to this young man and then blamed it on him because he was too much of a coward to admit he was wrong. The young man has been trying to 'think' positive, but on the other hand he has also been doing some rather 'foolish' (in my eyes anyway) things. I was hoping that he would just stay home today but he 'couldn't do it'. He has gone somewhere and I just pray that he will 'make it' to the court tomorrow without getting into any more 'mess' than what he is already in.

This is not the only thing going on right now here on the farm. We have still slowly been packing with plans to move soon. Because of the financial unrest our plans seem to be slowed down a bit, but I still believe the God of peace is in control. There is another lady who may get evicted shortly after the tenth of November so I am praying that a house she is working to complete a sale on will go through as planned in November.

On a much more joyful note, November 10 is coming up very quickly. On that day my husband and I will have been married 34 wonderful years. There have been some 'bumps' on the way but God has abundantly blessed more than we could have wished, dreamed or thought.

We were married on a beautiful autumn day in north Georgia. After the wedding the reception was on the lawn of the minister's house who performed the ceremony. I was told that about 200 people came to celebrate with us. Some friends supplied beautiful yellow and gold mums to help beautify the church. One of my sisters was my bride's maid and another friend was the best man. Some of the ladies in the church made the most beautiful 'fruit cake' I have ever seen in my life. It consisted of three tiers of several colors of grapes, apples and oranges with white and gold mums circling the center pole holding the tiers. That is still a precious memory. But the marriage has been far more than a memory. It is alive and well today because of the love of God that has been revealed to us, through us and for us.

I have more to do today so need to go for now. Until we meet again may the God of peace guide you too.

Bringer of Peace