Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bits and Pieces

The last few days have been interesting. It seems I don't accomplish my plans but hopefully what was done was at least useful. One item has been some email between myself and someone else on the relation of emotion and intellect. I find that I can get quite caught up at times in trying to prove my point(s) - a very intellectual approach. Since the other person is also intellectual it can get quite 'warm' at times on the emails :). On the other hand both of us, I now believe, have been sending some pretty strong messages in regards to our 'emotions' as well as the words being written. To add to that experience I spent at least a few hours talking to my younger brother concerning some of these things. He has been learning how to relate to the God given emotions inside of him and he shared with me lots along that topic - as well as several others. As I would share some of what I had put in the emails at times I could see that I was actually responding intellectually to an intellectual question when in fact the request was often really looking for an emotion based response. I'm not real good at the emotion based communication modalities but by God's grace I am learning.

I stopped by a local thrift shop looking for a washing machine. I also spotted a rug we could use for our living room and picked it up. I was sort of half dragging it to the check out when a man kindly picked it up for me. He was asking them to hold a table top christmas tree ($3.50). After I was through he carried the rug out and put it in my car. We got to talking as I asked him if I could give him a christmas present and handed him the money for his tree. He told me that he had been homeless for about 2 months but had just gotten an apartment. The place he had lived before was drug infested and he chose to stay on the street to avoid those influences until he could find something better - which he had just recently done. I asked how he was doing and he mentioned that he did not yet have a bed. Upon my request he gave me his phone no. After going home and unloading the leaves into the garden from our truck I came back to get the washing machine and also brought a twin mattress, box springs and a nice chair for the man. He seemed delighted with it and I felt very good too.

I have slowly been getting a few more things done around my place lately. Our son has been working on getting his room in better shape. Hopefully we can get more done on it next week. Last week I 'shrunk' my office space in our living room again. I have a big office in the big house next door but when we rearranged two bedrooms I ended up with a whole bunch of furniture - that I am still trying to figure out what to do with so most of what I get done is from our house for the time being.

Part of the answer as to where to put the 'extra' furniture may have come this evening. A friend who used to live here came by this evening and said that he was going to be moving his 'office' to where he is now living. (We had been sort of holding one room as his office for legal purposes although most of the time it has been as much of a store room as an office.) Anyway, I hope to set up that room with at least some of the furniture not needed upstairs and it might also be able to be used as a guest room. Time will tell. But right now I am working on our house.

It is getting cooler these days. We usually have been firing up our woodstove in the evenings. But soon we may need it more split wood for burning. We don't have a lot of wood split yet so that is going to become a priority real soon.

Our church has been putting new floor coverings in. The meeting area got new rugs. (They let me have the leftover pieces and I am contemplating making a patch work rug out of the pieces combined with some other color rug pieces as well. We'll see.) Downstairs in the church a tile that looks like wood has been installed. I was hoping to have a rug for my children's room (I teach the younger children) but I have decided to just go along with what others think is best. I don't really have anything to say about what is being done in the church. They had a remodeling committee who oversaw that part. Sometimes I forgot that and gave my 2 cents but as usual it got me into trouble.

The lady friend I have been helping seems to be rebounding quite well. We are still unpacking but her house is looking better all the time. I am not needing to spend as much time there now and she is doing a lot more on her own. We had thanksgiving dinner at her place and enjoyed it. I still seem to be misinterpreting what she says but I think part of that stems from the fact that she is far more 'emotion' based and I have been 'programmed' far more intellectual, meaning that at times - more often than not - when she says something she is seeking an emotion based answer but when I come up with an intellectual response it can be confusing to both of us. (It can work both ways.) But I am very thankful for the lessons I have learned through her as my friend.

With so many different things going on, at first glance one might wonder if there is any hope. Yet, with a deeper look I am seeing God teaching me how to be more like Him through each one of the above situations and many more.

God's form of peace is not dependent on circumstances. I am also becoming more and more convinced it is based a whole lot more on attitude (mine). Certain choices of mine can definitely influence true peace, but even that, I don't think, has as much influence as my attitude.

It is getting late so I will close for this time.

May God's Sabbath time of Peace this coming seventh day fill you with both God's peace and joy.

Bringer of Peace

Friday, November 23, 2007

Joy and Peace in Believing - 2

It seems it has taken some time and effort to even begin to understand what Psalm 33 is saying but the longer I have been 'unpacking' it - both looking up meanings and attempting to read in context - there seems to be coming more continuity. There have been some 'surprises', but it is almost like I am beginning to look for them - the surprises that is, as little fountains of joy.

My older brother gave me some very good suggestions when doing this kind of study. He mentioned that there are really three ways the translators would use when looking at th Bible in the original language. The most common was simply to 'translate' - usually word for word - from one language to another. Another tool that they used was to consider how the word was used in the phrase. Many times there are phrases in a language that carry a different meaning than if each word were used individually. (That is very true in the English language, I know. A horse runs fast (quickly). That shirt is color fast (the colors won't run or get washed out), A person is on a fast (they are not eating). The third way that translators used, especially with passages that otherwise were difficult (or impossible) to do 'word for word' was to use illustrations to get the point across that the original writers seemed to be aiming at.

In Psalm 33 all three ways seemed to be used. Verse 17, however, seemed somewhat out of place in some respects until I looked at it as an illustration.
17 An horse [is] a vain thing for safety: neither shall he deliver [any] by his great strength.

The hebrew meaning for the word horse is: to skip (properly for joy), leaping, flight - like a swallow (from its rapid flight),

After asking the Lord for His meaning and attempting to see the context my present understanding of that verse has developed at present into: 17. Always being busy or working super fast won't necessarily produce true satisfaction even with good organization and sufficient help to carry out the plans.

I'm still learning so even this may change
The whole chapter is at the paraphrase link, if you are interested my present understanding.

Since beginning to write Psalms in my own words I have been blessed. There is joy involved when I discover some 'hidden' meanings, especially when they are so applicable to my life at present.

There is also a peace as I have been seeing new pictures of the Creator God of the Universe.

It seems a whole lot easier to believe the Creator God as I learn more about Him.

I am writing this during hours I call Sabbath. It is a special time to share with God and about Him. The Sabbath too is meant to be Peace and Joy producing.

May the God of Peace share with You in a special way as you have allowed me to share with you.

Bringer of Peace.

Life Update - even some on Peace

I use this site for occasional life updates as well as my thoughts on peace and joy so here goes for some recent 'going ons'.

The end of October was a closing and a new beginning in more ways than one. For the friend that I have been helping, October 30 closed the history in her life on a very rocky, at times intensely troubling, experience. Once the legal 'struggle' seemed over and she left the 'scene' of so much heartache and turmoil, there has been quite a change in her - at least from my view. She no longer lives in the same dwelling as her betrayer. She no longer has to be reminded constantly of the abuse she suffered for years from the person who had previously begged for the privilege of calling her 'mother'. Yes, for her there has been a returning of peace.

There have still been some tense times. Memories still pop up now and then. She was sorting some of her books the other day when she came across some cards the other person had sent to her expressing supposedly strong sentiments of love and appreciation to my friend as 'her mother'. Her first response was one of disgust and almost fear. But then, after a couple of moments, she even chuckled and suggested sending the cards back to this person to remind them of what they had done. (?)
She still also feels occasionally that she is being 'stalked'. Yesterday she thought she heard the front door open. When she got there the door was open and her dogs were out. When she went outside a man was standing across the road next to a blue truck (similar to the truck of the man who had worked for the other lady). She got the dogs back into the house in a panic. After she had calmed a bit she called and told me what had happened. [I don't have the answer but I'm thankful the situation ended as good as it did.]
There have also been stresses relating to my friend's 17 year old cat finally dying. My hubby and I went over and helped her with the 'final rites' details. [We wrapped the body in a purple cloth and took it to its final resting place in the upper corner of the yard.]
And of course there has been a certain amount of stress as well in unpacking and organizing my friend's things in the new place. (Some boxes had been in storage for years so the process has been very interesting as well as at time memory jogging.) But these tensions seem almost nothing compared to before October 30.

But this year's Thanksgiving, above all other recent events, (at least in my mind) has for her in particular been almost like a 'right of passage'. She loves holidays. She has shared with us, over the past year and a half, many new ways of 'doing things' for holidays. Even last year she did all she could to make Thanksgiving as 'thankfilled' as possible even under her stressful condition.
But this year she was 'free'. This year she had her own place. This year she wanted those to be with her who helped her get to the present state of freedom. And toward that goal she put every energy she had (and some I didn't even know she had it seemed).

The meal was quite a spread. The atmosphere in her new place is spacious, light and to me friendly. And even though not everything is unpacked yet and where they will belong, we had been able to get the main parts of the house 'guest worthy'. And as I watched my friend I felt thankful that I had been able to help her in getting 'freed' from the oppression she had been in.

"You will know the truth and the truth will set you free"
Sadly enough, some truth is not pleasant. My friend had for years tried to help the person who betrayed her and in a sense she had believed lies that had gotten her into the situation in the first place. But now my friend is free and I praise the Lord.

There are other life events for which I am also thankful. We have been able to get a few things done at the farm recently as well. One lady had lost her house several years ago. The only place we had at that time as on our front porch. This past April a couple who had been living here moved to Tennessee. It has taken time but we were finally able to help this lady moved from the porch to an upstairs bedroom. She seems the happiest that she has been for a long time. (I also hope the happiness continues.)

This next statement is not a thanksgiving so much but rather a 'promise' to myself. I am praying and determining that by the grace and help of God I can now get my own house in order. I feel as though I have left what I needed to do in my own place to help elsewhere - my friend as well as others. Now I choose to focus on my own home which desperately needs my help NOW!

Perhaps those who read this will add their prayers to my determination that what I NEED to do at home will no longer be left 'by the way'. Thanks in advance for your encouragements.

Bringer of Peace

Not Peace alone

I have mentioned this before but I have needed reminding of the concept myself so I will share it again. Peace is not a 'stand alone' experience. Something might be 'peace', but without corresponding 'joy' it cannot produce the true effects desired of 'peace'. This is the way our brains are 'wired' so we might as well get used to it and put it into practice.

Some call peace a lack of conflict. Some have labeled an experience peace when nothing is happening that entails an expenditure of 'energy'. Those experiences may well have their place in one's life experience. But real peace produces its true synergistic effect only when 'coupled' with the energization of 'real joy'. I'm not sure yet if one of those two - joy or peace - have to be 'first' or not. I seem to have 'started' with either one at various times. What seems to be more important is that whatever (or wherever) I start it is important to seek out the relating experience to receive the desired 'growing' effect.

One type of situation I have experienced is when I find something exciting in the Bible. A concept sounds so wonderful and produces joy in me as it opens to my understanding. But if I do not apply it to my life, or at times just share what I have learned with someone else, it seems to just 'fade away'. There have also been times when I have found a peace in God's Word and basked in that experience. But again, if I 'stop there', I seem to lose it. When I have gotten excited and shared what I learned with another I profit even more.

Maybe that is one reason the Thanksgiving season can be a real blessing. As we share with others what has blessed us we complete the 'joy/peace' connection thus blessing not only ourselves but others as well.

I trust your Thanksgiving was completed.

Bringer of Peace

Monday, November 12, 2007

Leading to Peace

For the last several days I have been focusing on Psalm 32. Several verses from that Psalm I had learned to sing. I thought I had a pretty good idea of the content, until, (which is getting common lately) I began to really 'unpack' it. I have posted it at the paraphrase blog listed on the right. I'm also going to put it here with a few additional comments of my own interspersed.
Psalm 32
1. A teaching poem written by David. Happiness and right! Quarrels, revolt, and apostasy lifted; misses filled up and offenses covered. Sounds to me like a celebration going on here.
2. Happy the person who the Creator doesn't demand 'pay' for crooked, evil actions and when one's own attitude is not treacherous or deceptive.
3 - 4. When I ignored or fabricated excuses for my wrong attitudes and/or actions, my body wore out and became weak from guilt I carried all the time. Day and night Your Spirit worked so intensely on me that my vigor dried up like dry, cracked ground in a summer drought. (pause)
5. I finally saw how I missed Your will for me, and how crooked my ways were and I quit hiding. I said, "I let go of my revolt against the Creator." You lifted the guilt of my crooked ways where I had missed Your will for me. (pause.)
6. This is what those who love God pray for while He is still available - for oftentimes when people have great problems they get so discouraged they no longer reach out to come near to God for themselves. Intercession for others
7. You, my hiding place and cover, will guard me from being crowded by opponents and surround me with exuberant shouts of joy while delivering me, as You say to me: (pause)
8. "I will give you intelligent answers, pointing out My course of life for you to walk. I will guide and advise you with My eye.
9. Don't keep running around but don't become a hermit either. Those kinds of people have to be restrained or else by what they say they often hurt others."
10. Those who do not accept God's plans for them multiply their grief, anguish and pain, but those who run for refuge, with confidence, to the Self-Existent One will be surrounded with kindness and beauty.
11. All you who agree with God be glad, spin around and shout for joy with all your heart, mind and soul - everything you have. Response of those who love God

There is even more to this love passage from God but for now I will go.
Bringer of Peace

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Authority and Peace

Could my concept of peace still need to be adjusted in relationship to authority. There are some times and situations when things are not going as would seem to be for peace. Yet, because others are in the positions of authority there may not be awhole lot that can be done to change what is being done.

As I think about Jesus' life I see Him in somewhat of that situation. As far as I can ascertain Jesus respected authority - both civil and church - so long as they did not lead to disregarding His Heavenly Father's authority.

Another perception I presently have of Jesus is that in His form of government He DOES NOT USE FORCE. Yes, there are and will be consequences. But God sacredly guards the power of choice.
I very much need to learn some of those lessons myself. I am not to force others. Even though my hubby and I are managers of a farm and in theory we are supposed to have the last 'word', we are to respect others and their choices - particularly since they are physically adults. That, I think, has been a challenge for me.

This also leads me to believe that there are different aspects of Peace. I can have a peace inside of me through Jesus. On the other hand when others will not accept proper authority there may not be peace when it comes to relationships in certain areas. Keeps life interesting to say the least. Even though

I can be at peace in my heart.
I can be at peace that I am in the place of authority that God has placed me in.
I may not always feel peaceful when others disagree.
The atmosphere may get tense when others go against my authority but that doesn't mean I have to let go of the inner peace from the Lord. I do not have to accept the authority of those who seem to be opposing me.

I hope and pray I am learning God's will and way for me, praise the Lord.

Bringer of Peace

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Outward Peace, Inward Peace or both

Some people consider peace as no war, no arguments, no stress. True peace involves a person's attitude - what is going on inside the mind and heart. When God's love is accepted then God's peace and joy are tp be inwardly experienced as well.

It is nice to not argue. It is also very nice when the other person understands what is being communicated and doesn't attempt to say differently seemingly just to 'be different'. But when that does happen can a person retain inside peace? - peace in their mind and heart?

I seem to be in that position at present. I don't have all the answers but I hope I'm learning God's way and will for me. A couple of nights ago my hubby and I spent most of the evening in what seemed to me (at times anyway) attempting to bring about resolutions between two people and somewhat of stress between us and them. When we got done I didn't feel that everything was resolved but I had found out a lot of things I haven't done right while managing this property we have been responsible for as managers.

Then the next day another person gave me their take on the situation being discussed the night before, telling me their perception of what I didn't 'do right'. (One small consolation was that by not doing what we had planned on doing the night before - when we talked instead of worked - we did one less thing wrong.)

This time around, however, it seems that for a larger segment of the time I realized that even though I was listening to different 'complaints', I didn't have to loose peace on the inside. I didn't perfectly 'ride the storm', so to speak, but I think I learned more about God's will involving peace.

For now may you continue to learn more about God's plan for peace in your heart and life.

Bringer of Peace

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Peace like a river - 5

I know the Bible talks about Peace like a river and I believe it. On the other hand it is nice to have the object which is the symbol as well - water. Our water system has been having problems for far too long. Finally this past Sunday we pulled the pipes and found out that the footvalve was 'gone'. Monday evening my hubby finally got all the parts back together along with new connections where needed and a new footvalve assembly. After priming the pump we turned on the pump and after only about 2-3 minutes the whole water system was filled and the pump turned off on its own. (It would run all the time before unless we manually turned it off.) The silence was like music to our ears. Other than some difficulties with some sand in faucet screens it and a clothes washer that needed some attention, it looks like all is presently well. Praise the Lord.

I am also thankful that it seems my computer is working better also. Everytime I would try to do anything with e-mail the whole system would freeze or close to it. I finally was informed that the computer had a conflict of interest. I downloaded fixes and at present it seems to be working ok for which I am also very grateful.

Last evening we were going to try to help get some things organized over at the other house we manage. Instead of doing physical work we ended up spending most of the evening trying to sort out some 'people' conflicts. I took my share of hits and my hubby said I gave too many to others. I also apologized when I was told how others viewed some former actions of mine in ways that I had no idea they were perceiving as they had.

I am hoping that the time was well spent even though nothing was moved as planned. But in God's eye's relationships between people that bring in His kind of unity is more important than political, intellectual or even spiritual 'facts'. I do want to have truth as it is in Jesus inside of me and I believe God is sharing His truth with me. Some recent lessons, however, are leading me to the conclusion that God's kind of unity is highly relational. I want to learn more of that also.

I have other things that need to be done today so will sign off for now. Until next time you and I are together may the God of Peace pour His Spirit into your life like a nourishing river of life.

Bringer of Peace.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Attack on Peace - 2

I have been looking at Psalm 30. The whole Psalm has been very interesting but one section in particular seems applicable to some current situations.
5 For his anger [endureth but] a moment; in his favour [is] life: weeping may endure, for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.
6 In my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved.
7 LORD, by thy favour thou hast made my mountain to stand strong: . . . . KJV

Looking back on the past few weeks and particularly days while helping my friend move I have sensed at times some intense frustrations and anxieties. My friend had often told me that when she had moved into the now contested house she and the other person had strongly indicated that neither one would have to move again. That, of course, has been proven incorrect. Yet, the very act of moving, at least for my friend, has brought more peace to her life. She has been very busy getting settled in her new place and for a few days she has the help of a business friend, but to me it seems that she has been less anxious overall. Hopefully the stress that she had been living under has been removed. The other party tried to contact my friend by sending certified mail to our place but since my friend doesn't live here it was returned undeliverable. (If she wants to correctly contact my friend she can still do it through the lawyers.)]

There have also been other situations in my sphere that have attempted to disrupt peace. One of them happened yesterday when one lady living at our place was very unhappy that our oven was broken. She finally recommended taking the stove out of her kitchen area and putting it in our kitchen. Her kitchen does not yet have 220 electric power so we finally agreed to move the stove to our kitchen. It has been nice to have an oven back for our use as well as her baking.

Our water system has not been working properly for some weeks. We at first thought that, because of the drought, our well was going dry. Yesterday we opened the well for a visual inspection. We measured and found that there was probably from 12-15 feet of water in the large bore well. Next we pulled the pipes up. That revealed a foot valve in rather sorry condition. We might have been able to get it all back together last night but due to a connection that had to be cut rather than taken apart we need at least one more part which we hope to be able to get today and get the system back into working order this evening. If all goes well we hope to have water real soon - maybe even tonight. Since we are used to having running water at out fingertips - toilet, washing clothes, washing dishes, showers, etc. it has been very interesting to see how different ones cope. Several folks belong to a fitness club so they have been going there for showers. My friend had let me wash our clothes at her place, at least until she moved. (We are not bothering her for a few days to let her get settled in.) We do have some rain water to flush toilets with and a few other odd jobs. If push comes to shove we also have a hand pump on a smaller well that we can use for non-consumption uses.

All of these situations are simply revealing to us and others whether our peace is from within or if it is based on circumstances sort of like Psalm 30 mentions: 6 In my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved.
Do I see these situations as attacks on peace? Or might they also be opportunities to look to my loving Heavenly Father and ask Him to show me and enable me to act just like Him. I believe I have been learning the second experience for which I thank God.

I have put my paraphrase of Psalm 30 on the paraphrase link - listed to the right - if anyone is interested.

Now the God of Peace bring you into a unity of peace with Him is my prayer.

Bringer of Peace

Friday, November 2, 2007

Attack on Peace 1

People in situations causing stress may often have more difficulty maintaining peace in the heart.
While helping my friend in her recent move there were a number of times when it seemed we were not on the same 'wave link'. I was praying about this challenge and I began to be aware that there was more to this problem then just simple misunderstanding between us. I was talking to my heavenly Father about this challenge in communications. This is not the only time I seem to have had this type of problem. As I was praying to God about this present difficulty the thought came to my mind that there is a deeper challenge involving not only this occasion but also evident on quite a few earlier occasions. Could it be that this 'misunderstanding' is a result of a 'scrambling' of the verbal message I give? Could there be a spirit that has been assigned to confuse messages I attempt to convey to another, particularly under stress? Might that be a direct attack on peace? That was a new thought to me.

The next time I noted this happening I began praying for God to cast out the spirit that was attempting to confuse issues. On more than one occasion I saw an immediate change.

I am still learning but for now may the God of Peace keep you in Peace

Bringer of Peace

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Moving update

Since I have written quite a bit about helping my friend move I'll give a brief update for anyone who might be interested. October 30 was to be the final 'walk through'. The other person involved 'inspected' the house and we left about 1:30 p.m. Everything is not settled with the person who has been at odds with my friend but at this point my friend is now in her new location and excitedly trying to get settled. Her business partner is there for a few days so I am not as much in demand for the moment. There are still some items in storage and we hope to get them moved today but they are not on quite as much of a critical time schedule as getting out of the former residence was.

When my friend called this morning she still has a lot to do but I sensed more of an 'upbeat' in her tone of voice. She is one who makes schedules and lists and true to her nature she has one for today. Most likely she gets much more accomplished with that way of doing things. At times it has been a challenge to me, however, because it seems plans can change almost as many times as they are made, but I keep trying anyway.

In summary, the biggest part of the actual move is over. The unpacking and getting the new house in a living condition has barely begun. If my friend had her way the settling in would be finished tomorrow but time only will tell on how her plans will work. In conclusion, I hope that the lack of the tension caused by the legal battle will enhance her capacity to function more efficiently. She has many plans for the future and I am eager to see how God will continue to use her to His glory.
I have much to do today so will go for now.
Bringer of Peace

Future Peace

Many years ago when I was in taking classes in the field of elementary education I was in a singing group that learned to sing portions of scripture. (I have since collected many scripture songs as a personal hobby.) These scripture songs have been a tremendous blessing to me over the years. A number of them I learned while in that group were chapters from the Psalms.

More recently I began taking time to 'paraphrase' individual' chapters in the Psalms after looking up the meanings of words from Strong's concordance and asking the Holy Spirit to enable me to see the original meaning. That has been a very fascinating adventure. (Anyone interested in my present understanding of chapters I have already done just click on the 'paraphrase' link.)
While I have been working on some of the Psalms it seems that the Lord has been coordinating my life experiences to bring out what I learn from a Psalm (or maybe the other way around, I am not always sure).
Presently I have been working on Psalm 29 which is one of the Psalms I had learned to sing way back when. It has nice poetic sounds - I guess that is the proper way to say it - in the King James Version that I had memorized to music. On the other hand I don't think I really had much of an idea what David was attempting to say. Then I began to 'unpack' it - look up the meanings of the words while asking the Holy Spirit to guide me into understanding it more fully.

Wow!! The intense emotion portrayed seems overwhelming. God not only has feelings but He expresses them and uses them in dealing with those He so deeply loves - which includes you and me.

Here is my present understanding of Psalm 29.

Psalm 29
1-2. A poem song written by David. Come join the Father, O Mighty Son. Receive honor and splendor in secured majesty.
Let all worship Him Who is magnificent in this sacred unified oneness.
3. The sounds of the Creator's life copiously flowing out tumbles and crashes in abundance as it increases and expands.
4. The powerful, vigorous sounds of God swell majestically.
5 - 6. The life-giving vibrations of the Creator burst all boundaries as it flow into hearts with a cohesive attraction that causes those receiving it to spring into life, frisking about in joy.

God's sounds prevail even in hearts of children and leaders.
7-8. The Lord's sounds cut like a shining blade in vibration, causing those specially chosen of God and dedicated to Him to dance and whirl in praise.
9. The sounds of the Self-Existent One causes even leading women to dance, like spinning out honey from the comb. Those in God's presence are made capable of describing His real character.
10. The Eternal Father and Son unite together in overflowing pomp as They ascend the throne to reign for ever.
11. The Self-Existent One will make secure all who choose to become part of His family.

The Eternal God will serve and adore His family, keeping them joyful in His peace.

God keeps giving glimpses of His plans for those who love Him. He keeps encouraging us to keep our eyes focused on the ultimate Peace His has in store for us as well as the present 'peace' experiences He loves to give us along the path to that future life fully in Peace and harmony with Him.

May you experience more of His peace in your heart even today.

Bringer of Peace