Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. We may not have done lots of special 'things' but just the peace of knowing that he has been given another year of life was a real gift. Even though he is several years older than I am, God knew who I needed as a life partner. He has been so supportive and loving. I'll have to admit that we haven't always come instantaneously to agreement but I do know that not only does he love me but he also loves the Lord and wants to do God's will. That is a gift that I cannot put a monetary value upon.

A few weeks ago we took the TV out of our house. Since that time, particularly in the evenings, my hubby has often read to me. He says he gets more out of it when he reads, which is very fine with me. He has been reading often from Desire of Ages, a classic book on the life of Christ.

As I think back over the past 34 years I have so many things to thank God for in my relationship with my hubby. We were married in 1974 and moved to Africa in 1977. Shortly after we arrived in Africa my hubby almost died - his liver did for a while - but the Lord saw fit to lift him back from an almost certain grave and give us many more years together.

We returned to the states in 1983 to find his folks in a 'not good' situation. His step-father (his own father had died when he was 7) was in very poor health and so my dearheart gave his love in the form of 'night duty' for the last few months of his father's life.

After his step-father died it took quite a while for his mother to get stabilized. A couple of years later after mom seemed to be doing better, we returned to Georgia (where we had trained and where we had gotten married) in answer to a request that we return to the Institute as staff.

A few years later his mother came to live with us when it became apparent she was not doing well by herself any longer. Then, in 1997 we accepted a request from a dear friend of ours to come and help her on her farm. She and my husband's mother were very close so to 'mom' it was almost like 'coming home'. Mom went to sleep in Jesus almost a year after we moved but I am so thankful we had the privilege of caring for her during her last year of life.

The lady who had asked us to come back to Virginia was also like a mother to us. She viewed both of us as her 'children' and we lovingly considered her as 'mother'. In 2001 she died in my arms after a short illness. The hours before she died she expressed her desire to see God's work progress in this area. She shared with the pastor her dream to see a new church built on property she had donated. And near the end she requested that I not leave her. Even though it was hard on both my beloved and myself, we have the blessed hope of seeing her, mom and dad as well as my parents who have died, some day real soon.

Life has gone on for us. My lover has done so many things over the years to show me he loves me. He didn't have very many mentors to 'show' him, perhaps, but in my mind he has done a tremendous job of letting me know and experience his love.

Just before the lady who has been a 'mother in Israel' died she let us know that she had made provision that we could live on her place as long as we should choose. That has been a real blessing for us. The place, however, had gotten 'run down' and in need of many repairs. So, since her death, we have been in more or less of a state of 'remodeling'. There are two houses and both of them have needed help. The larger house - in my opinion - has had more need, so we have spent more in and on it thus far. My husband has a lot of knowledge in remodeling but since he is still working full time, time has been almost as much of an issue as the 'know how'.

But, with perseverance and some much appreciated help from my brother and others we are making progress. This past Sunday we tore out the steps to the basement which were not in good shape. We are moving the opening over so as to be able to put some cabinets in along an outside wall. The 'door' into the basement is actually on the floor - something like a trap door. Duane helped in the demolition but another man, who is staying here right now, has promised to get the job 'done' - hopefully this week, especially since he has some folks who plan to spend the night over the weekend.

Last evening after we paid for the lumber needed for the steps replacement, my hubby came with me to the 'garden department' where we picked out what I hope will be all the items needed to finish the flower garden in front of our house. I have an area for a water fountain but last year I was not able to get the 'pond' part 'water tight'. We finally decided to just 'buy' containers rather than be in a state of incomplete for another season. He encouraged me to get what was needed and even picked out some 'wave' petunias to add beauty and more 'love letters from Jesus' to those who would pass by. (Every flower you can consider a love letter from Jesus.)

I sang Happy Birthday to my lover yesterday. I thank God that He has seen fit to give him another year of life. And I am thankful for each day I have with him as well.

These blessings are all the result of the "Prince of Peace" - Jesus. I hope you too can see how God has given you His gracious love. It may not be through a spouse, but if you look, you will see God - the real God who is gracious, merciful, long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth - pouring out His love to you in ways He sees as best.

Bringer of Peace

What are you praying for? Really?

For quite a few years the Lord has 'pushed' me to complete a series of lessons on paper that He presented through me during a trip to India a number of years ago. At this point in time it seems the lessons are pretty much complete. I was talking with the Lord about them a couple of months ago. I am not at all unhappy that God saw fit to use me to compile this material but I did tell the Lord it seemed as though now I was just 'sitting on them'. I wondered to Him what other plans He might have to use them. If God had me do these lessons mainly for my own spiritual growth I am humbly grateful for that benefit and don't want to put that privilege down in any way. I know that for myself I have been greatly blessed and I thank God for choosing me and helping me in this way. On the other hand, I told the Lord that I wanted His will done with these materials.

Late last week I got a phone call from California. The ministry with whom I had worked when going on the two mission trips to India had a representative in the area and wanted to stop by and give me a little gift of appreciation for my help working with them. I was happily surprised but thankful for their appreciation. Yesterday Marilyn spent a little over an hour here. I had mentioned some of the materials to her in our phone conversation and she had told me then she would like to see the lessons and such while she was here. In short, at the end of our visit she requested to take the basic 'lessons' and some other materials back to the 'office' to share with folks there. I don't have any idea what the Lord has in store yet, but one thing I do know. God has directed: "Call to me and I will show you great and mighty things you don't yet know anything about."

A couple of weeks before this 'contact' I got another phone call in which we received a request to share what we have been learning in Africa in August. The pastor who is coordinating this trip had seen some of these lessons and believes it would be of benefit to the folks in Africa. Whatever the Lord does with the Africa trip will also be to His glory and We are excited to be part of His plans.

Those are just two aspects of what has been happening. Closer home God has been seeing fit to use us as channels of encouragement. It puts me in awe at times how God works. I have been helping a friend more or less for the past 1 1/2 years through some rather challenging experiences. She thought things had 'calmed' down but then another shock wave 'rolled through'. On top of external pressures she came down with something that made her very miserable. It is definitely more difficult to face challenges when you don't feel good physically. She would call me on the phone and I would share promises that God has given for just such times as these. And when I would be over at her place I also tried to encourage her with God's thoughts. Anyway, after a particularly stressful event - and yet one in which God showed not only His mercy but also His grace - she called and asked me what I thought of the 'situation'. I began praising the Lord for what I saw as His direct interposition in her behalf. After a short pause, (she was on speakerphone and her business partner was 'listening in' on the conversation) she commented to her partner - "see, I told you so, she is my cheerleader". I was humbly grateful to hear her say that but it also 'scared' me in a sense. As I thought of how many times in the past I have looked at the 'glum' or 'dark' side of a situation, I shuddered to think how close I might have come to discouraging someone who needed God's courage. I praise God He was able to use me.

My sister next to me shared with me an email she had received from a friend based on Psalm 50 that was simply awesome. One quote near the end really, really caught my attention.

1. "You can have the deliverance, but God must have the adoration. You can have your health, but God must have the honor. You have your wealth, but God must receive the worship. You can have your pardon, but God must have the praise. If you are a thief of God’s glory, how can He honor His promise to deliver?"

I may post the whole article later if I get permission from the author. But somehow I had never thought of answers God sends my way in quite that light before. So long as we return God what He is requesting - Glory, praise, adoration, worship, credit, etc. - He knows it is safe to give us even more than we can ask or think.

What are you really praying for? And then, how will you respond to whatever you receive from your loving heavenly Father?

Perhaps how you respond to God will decide what God will do about answering what you really want.

Bringer of Peace

Saturday, April 26, 2008

'Peace' by itself is not enough

I have been learning more in this realm of 'peace'. Genuine peace is essential to really living. But just as glucose needs oxygen to produce 'energy' for life in the human cell, so peace needs another 'component' - called true JOY - to produce life giving energy I call 'other-centered' love.

It takes two minds in harmony to experience true joy and quiet peace which will in turn 'generate' the energy called genuine, other-centered, love. God gave a map in the Bible that outlines how that can 'take' place. Science has also identified the 'same steps' (which to me was delightfully fascinating to find the information in both science and Bible) which will increase a person's capacity to cope with life and strengthen one's amount of emotional power, so to speak.

I can experience 'joy/peace' combination experiences with my heavenly Father. God also planned that I develop a network of energy producing experiences with other minds as well. God's original plan for family integrated many opportunities for the developing mind to increase capacity to cope with stress, with life.

As I learn more about God's plan in this area of my living, it becomes ever more fascinating.

It is also important to realize Satan has counterfeits. But the easiest way to spot counterfeits is to know and experience God's genuine. Satan has used the labels of 'joy' and 'peace' and 'love' but they don't produce the same effects as do God's genuine emotions.

I hope to share a little more later but for now, May you have such a joy/peace experience with another mind that you will truly know that you are loved.

Bringer of Peace

Monday, April 21, 2008

Peace in the midst 4

So much seems to be happening almost all at the same time. April 22 marks the day our son leaves for the Army. A friend I have been helping has been having some real challenges and just about as soon as son is gone I need to go help her. My sister has been under tremendous stress the past week or so. I have been asked to accept some responsibilities in my faith community that may stretch me more.

So, how can there be peace in that 'midst'? In the past I have often wondered similarly. A couple of months or so ago I made a committment with God to spend quantity as well as quality 'time' with Him on a regular basis. The least I can say is that HE HAS BEEN FAITHFUL!

In the situations listed above (as well as others not mentioned) I have been witnessing God's miracle working power operating in awesome ways. God has His 'eye' on our son. I am thankful that our son made a decision (Indecision tires even the angels). I have promises from God that give me peace not only during our communion time together but as I look forward to the future.

My friend loves the Lord very much. Even though she has been tremendously challenged she has been willing to listen to God's promises both as He has spoken them to her and as I've shared God's promises with her and for her. The Lord shared with her three things He wanted her to 'do': to rest, to 'be' and to 'receive'. (He has suggested that those three would be good for me to 'practice' as well.) As she has been accepting and choosing to rest, be and receive, I have seen her receiving 'peace in the midst' of the challenges which have been coming to her.

As each of my sisters have shared with me challenges they have been facing I have been seeing God's guiding hand in specific events taking place in relation to each of them. Some of them have seemed as on the level of miraculous or at least directly, divinely guided. Sometimes it has not always been easy to see God's kind of 'peace in the midst' of some of these challenging experiences, but it seems that the more the Lord points out to me where He is definitely, obviously 'working' in our behalf, the more I can see reason for 'peace in the midst'.

So, what is the advantage that a person has who chooses to accept the peace God offers when He says "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" for John 14:27 says "Peace I leave with you." Mainly that God's peace is not based on 'outward' situations. God's peace is a gift from Him that is poured into a person's heart and is for all who will choose to accept it from His loving heart. He is our peace.

I need to get some sleep but in closing may I encourage that God has enough peace for you too.

Bringer of Peace

Monday, April 14, 2008

God's View of Peace

Some kind person left a response on a previous blog that really touched my heart.
A little after writing the blog originally it seemed I was targeted by more than one experience to 'doubt' 'who God sees' me as. The comment I received reminded me once again who God sees me as - His beloved daughter.

Our son will be leaving for the army next week. My 'mother heart' has very mixed emotions. One thing I am very glad about, though. Our son made a decision. 'Indecision' can kill. Another blessing to me was being reminded that God was not caught off guard and now that a decision has been made I believe God will continue to perform miracles of love in all of our hearts.

A little over a week ago I was sharing with a friend about God's 'love covenant' He had spoken from Mt Sinai with the nation of Israel (and recorded in Exodus 20). The very first words reveal the identity of the speaker. God said "I am your God". He 'backed this up' by reminding them He was the One who had "brought you out" from Satan's domain (Egypt in the Bible is also a symbol of Satan's form of government) where 'fear, 'force and false (fake) is the 'rule'. God had also removed them from the "house of bondage" - slavery being a basic concept of Satan's counterfeit form of government. God's statement to Israel was a declaration of freedom. God spoke from Mt. Sinai to Israel who was already FREE! because of His deliverance. (The same is also true of me. God has declared that I am already free in Him. Praise Him. )

After the 'freedom declaration' God described some of the key aspects of His form of government of liberty based on other-centered love. Because God had set Israel free they no longer had any other 'gods' in place of the Creator. Because of God's freedom given to them they were no longer enslaved building images and temples representing counterfeits. (and then, as I was about to share the third description of God's freedom based government with my friend, I was overwhelmed with a new understanding of the 'third' description which appeared so awesomely wonderful in my mind that I was not able to even able to speak for a few moments. I pray I can convey it here)
Because God had already brought Israel 'out' from Satan's tyrannical despotism and into a love based freedom, now as they agreed with God, their very words would no longer be empty (vain). God's word is POWER! [Remember creation week!] So long as we are united to Him by accepting His will in our lives, the words we speak in agreement with God will go with His power. AWESOME! God is entrusting us - as we choose Him and accept His covenant of freedom -with Him, His word, His power. What love, What love!
The first three 'statements' of God describe the covenant relationship between Him (the greater being) and those whom He sets free - (lesser beings).

The next words God spoke described the 'sign' of this love covenant between God and humans. As a person (1) accepts God as supreme; that there is (2) no other God (not even any item representing a counterfeit god) in their life and that they are (3) no longer 'vain' (empty) but have become God's channel - in word and deed - of His love power flowing from God through them back to God as well as on to others, then to that person God gives an 'outside' sign that they are indeed accepted as a recipient of the freedom covenant with Him.

God chose as His special sign a day. He said "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy (Properly, whole, entire). Six days you will do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath (time of rest) of the Lord Your God" When a person accepts God's covenant of freedom they will experience the 'rest', 'blessing' and 'unity' with God that He gave on the first Sabbath of creation week. [Otherwise 'keeping the Sabbath' becomes more like a list of 'do this' and 'don't do' at best, or something like that type of activity.] Others who are not in God's covenant may profit a little by some of the benefits, like 'not working' at least one day a week, more family time, or whatever, but they can't comprehend the 'delight' God has in store for those who are in His covenant.

But there is another part of God's covenant, and God's next words describe that second part. God not only created human beings to love Him supreme, He also gave human beings the ability to 'be fruitful and multiply'. On the sixth day of creation He created His crowning act when He made man - male and female. He then united that first couple in what we call 'marriage'. As the seventh day of creation week began and God declared that everything was VERY GOOD, the whole universe erupted in a grand hallelujah chorus as the 'stars of heaven sang' and the 'sons of God shouted for joy'. That must have been some fantastic celebration! And God intended it to be just that. For both the seventh-day Sabbath and God's plan for family were to be the 'outside signs' of loyalty to God's form of government.

At Mt. Sinai, God reiterated the second 'outside' sign that a person was in God's covenant of freedom. Those who have accepted God's covenant would also receive God's form of government as He had established in the beginning of this world. From Mt. Sinai He 'reviewed' that form of government when He said: "Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long. . . " When someone asked Jesus about it later, He said "Love God with all your heart, soul and mind and Love your neighbor as yourself." These two parts of the covenant are symbolized by Sabbath (the sign of loving God supreme) - and God's plan for Family (Honoring father and mother the way God planned is the 'outside' sign that we love others as we love ourselves)

God made humans to have relationships one with another. After Adam and Eve chose another will and became captives in Satan's counterfeit government, people pretty much lost a true concept of God's original plan. At Mt Sinai God not only reminded them of their newfound freedom but also reestablished, on a nation wide basis - and in reality for anyone who accepts God's covenant - His original plan as given in Eden both concerning the seventh-day Sabbath and His original plan for a family form of government.

The next five freedom declarations God made on Mt. Sinai describe how God sets a person free through 'other-centered love' towards others. Put simply, God said: Because I have already set you free and you are returning my love back to me as your supreme God, that love will also flow out to others. The evidence of loving others as yourself will be seen in that I am empowering you with my love so you will (6) no longer kill others (spiritually, mentally or physically); you will (7) no longer pervert relationships between you and others (My plan for family is that each family have only one father and one mother); (8)You will no longer take what belongs to others; you will (9) not speak any untruth against someone else and you will (10) no longer covet what others have.

What an awesome law of liberty God gave - first in Eden, later from Mt. Sinai and in then in numerous other places in His written word. And for all who choose to accept God's covenant in their lives, God's power is more than enough for them to also experience God's true freedom.

So how does God view Peace? I believe that the words He spoke from Mt. Sinai answers that question. The God of peace is doing all in His power to restore us into His love, His peace, through His covenant of Peace.

What an awesome God! He loved me even before I knew Him. He loves me now even during times when I have misunderstood who He is and what He is really like. And I also believe that as I am learning who He really is and how much He really loves me and I am accepting His love in my life there is a big celebration up in heaven. I have been told that God Himself joys over me with singing. WOW! Not only do the angels sing but so does God.

Father in heaven, thank You so much for Your love and for Your covenant of Peace. I accept it anew. I love you.

Bringer of Peace

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Week

In one respect the past week or so has been more like a whirlwind. In another respect it seems that God is in the business of 'growing me up'. There is a song that I really appreciated that I choose to keep as my sentiments. "I am determined to be invinceable til He has finished His purpose in me. And nothing shall shake me for He'll never forsake me, for I am determined to live for my King. I believe that is the message of the chorus.

God is definitely in the business of working miracles.

I hope to write more later but for now I am praising Him for His merciful kindness to me.

I just got an email from a friend who just got 'fired' and at the same time lost the place where he was living. I also received the following from another friend which I though might encourage the first friend. It is good to remember for any of us.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trusting in Fear - or Love

My brother just wrote some very interesting comments on 'trusting in fear' (if you are interested in reading his comments click on his link to the right). That kind of trust, however, is a counterfeit to God's plan for trust. God wants me to trust, but not in fear. God's form of government is based fully on other centered love. That kind of love is the only real remedy for 'trusting in fear'. As my brother mentioned concerning fear, fear can be overcome by a greater fear but neither one will produce anything really stable. God's kind of love is the only thing that truly 'casts out fear' for 'fear has torment'.

So, how does peace affect the above? "Great peace have they which LOVE Thy Law and nothing shall offend them."

I am coming to a conclusion that everyone trusts in something. What they trust in is what makes the difference. When a person trusts in the Lord then they also trust in His loving kindness, mercy and grace.

As I learn more about God's joy - which gives me strength - I am learning more about God's kind of peace as well - which gives me His kind of rest.

I may have more time to do some additional thinking along these lines this weekend while I am in Kentucky. Whether or not I do I believe that God wants us to share His peace with all around us.

Bringer of Peace

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

As a day goes by

Someone sent me a little humorous note about someone who had every 'act' of life fully planned out. I really had to chuckle for it seems that if I do plan anything that is the first to 'go' - somewhere except where I planned, or so it often seems.

We decided to help a friend by driving his vehicle over to another friends place a couple of hours drive away. We got started much later than hoped so got there going on 11 at night. They invited us to spend the night at their place so we didn't get back home until close to noon today. I'm glad we could help them and coming back we took another route so got to see another part of the countryside.

Every since my stomach upset last weekend my stomach has not completely gotten back to order. It seems I have a slight feeling of nausea way too often. I'm hoping it will get less and less and so am just trying to 'ride it out', so to speak. My hubby got sick yesterday but he wasn't as much as me. He seems to be doing better but still has some residual uneasiness as well.

Yesterday the temperature was in the 70s and today in the 50s. We have had a lot of wind this spring if that means much of anything. My peas seem to be doing fine as is also the spinach. I haven't gotten anything else planted yet in my garden area.

Son and I are planning to spend a weekend in Kentucky. He is going to some business meetings and I will be taking care of some of the children of friends so they too can go.

While in town today I saw a special advertised: Senior discount for a shampoo, cut and style - $10. I decided to take them up on the offer since I qualified. Since about a month or so ago when I let go of my long hair I feel better when it is barely to my shoulder in the back with the sides shorter. It had gotten almost 2 inches beyond that so it was time for another cut. I like it.

Hope you had a good day also. God's peace is from the inside out.

Bringer of Peace

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

From the Author of Peace

When I got up this morning our son had left a note for me concerning John 20:23. He wanted to know what I 'saw' in it.

The study was quite fascinating and since it deals specifically with peace I'll share what I'm learning.

Context: Jesus had died and had arisen from the tomb. Just before these texts He appeared to 10 of the disciples with this greeting.

Italics (King James Version)
Red (Strong's Concordance)

John 20:21 Then certainly, accordingly, said spoke Jesus Jehovah saved to them again anew, once more, Peace to join, rest between, set at one again, quietness, [be] unto you: as [my] Father heavenly parent, hath sent me set me apart, sent me on a mission, set me at liberty, even so also send dispatch (from the point of departure) I you.
20:22 And when he had said spoken this, he breathed a relation of rest , to blow at or on, on [them], and saith lay forth, relate in words, unto them, Receive take, get hold of, (offered), accept ye the Holy sacred, pure, blameless, consecrated Ghost breath, spirit, divine life :
20:23 Whose some or any, soever much, great, long, all, wish, possibility, suppositions sins any will other than God's will, ye remit send off, send away, send forth, go, they are remitted unto them; [and] whose soever [sins] ye retain use strength, seize, retain, hold, keep, take, they are retained.

Any sin (any will other than God's will) you 'give up', will also be given up by those who are with you. Those people you hold on to (seize, keep) in love will stay with you.


When someone brings to you a sin - any will other than God's will - and you let it go (don't hold on to it) they will also 'let it go'. If you hold on to a 'wrong' attitude, will or action, they will hold on to it also.

Following is a translation I found very interesting.

The Message (Bible translation)
John 22Then he took a deep breath and breathed into them. “Receive the Holy Spirit,” he said. 23“If you forgive someone’s sins, they’re gone for good. If you don’t forgive sins, what are you going to do with them?”

Think about the following in relation to the above text.

If you 'hold on' to another person's sin toward you, the effects of that sin remains inside you as a death tipped arrow, poisoning your whole life. When you no longer hold the other person as 'guilty' towards you and you release that 'poison' of 'holding the other one guilty' to God, you are freed of that poison AND God gives you His life to pass on to them for - in place of - the 'death' they gave to you.

May God's peace be in your heart and life today.

Bringer of Peace

'Practiciing' Peace

Saturday night I was sick. Sunday I was weak but finally got up. Monday I had promised a friend to help her but definitely did not feel I was yet up to doing driving that I think she needed most. I was struggling in my mind as to what I should do and our son told me to just make a decision. As it turned out he was willing to go help our friend which left me a little more time to 'recupe'.

That time, though, wasn't only for physical 'rest' but I realized that my mind was also on a 'short fuse' or so it seemed. I asked the Lord to guide me and He reminded me of a recent presentation I had listened to where the speaker said to tell your 'old heart' to 'shut up' when it would get to complaining. We get 'old messages' that start to play back in our minds but they are not ones that the Lord has placed there. I decided to 'try it'. When the discouraging, 'poor me' thoughts would sneak in I would tell them to 'shut up'. In it's place I would choose to focus on words of praise and thanksgiving and also I would choose to smile. At times I sang out loud and other times I would simply sing a praise in my mind. Just choosing to smile - even though no one else was around - would do my own spirit good. I usually know when I smile, even if others don't notice.

And even though I often was still feeling on a 'short fuse', I found that God's words of praise and thanksgiving was 'peace' giving. The Lord also suggested some physical actions that I believe helped me - such as drinking more water, drinking some juice, getting outside, etc. His peace is for all of me, not just my 'spirit, or my body, or any 'part' alone.

My hubby is not feeling the best this morning so whatever caused my upset is probably some kind of 'bug'. (Our son had it first.) Whatever the cause, though, God wasn't caught by surprise and I believe these smaller 'practice' sessions are permitted by my wonderful Father in heaven so that when a 'bigger' happening occurs - primarily aimed at getting me out of God's peace - I will have learned better how to 'fight the good fight of faith' and 'stay' in God's peace rather than having to come back - which is better than losing it altogether, but not as good as if I 'stayed' in God's peace in the first place.

Some who read this will probably have other tips on how they have learned to 'stay' in God's peace. My brother has one of his favorite books on this topic called "Practicing the Presence" .

That title says it so well. As little children learn how to do things right by practice, so I as a part of God's family, learn how to 'stay' in God's Peace by practice. I'm not saved by the practice but it sure makes things easier after I do over and over again what God has shared with me by His loving power working through me both to will and to do of His good pleasure.

It is warmer today. There seems to be a bit of sun peaking through the clouds after a day of rain. Our son is out helping our friend and my hubby just came home because his stomach is still very upset and his boss told him to go home. It is another day to 'practice peace' in my Lord.

Join me in keeping our eyes on our heavenly Father so He can teach us more about His peace and how to experience it in our whole life.

Bringer of Peace