Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving on in Peace

Here comes September, ready or not.

I have enjoyed my time in Illinois and it hardly seems possible that I've been here for a month. It has been a little bit 'less hot' ,weather wise, for which we are grateful. Today there was a 'smattering' of rain, but not a lot.

My brother and I got to talking about what 'authority' means. It is sometimes easier to define what a word is not rather than what it really means in its original and genuine meaning. This is one of those words that we find easier to understand the counterfeit, probably because we know a whole lot more about it. Yet, a proper definition can really help enable us to have God's kind of peace in our lives and hearts. Here is my present perception of 'authority'.

Counterfeit or false authority includes the using of 'force' to control others to do what you want done. This form of authority is rooted in a hierachy type of organization. There are many facets of this kind of authority, but overall it is based on some form of 'independence' by the one attempting to use it.

Genuine or true authority comes from God and is based on a proper understanding of our relationship to our heavenly Father - we are His children - based on true love. Since this form of authority is based on the understanding that we are the children of the God who loves us, then we 'keep', or 'do', or 'abide' in His will for us.

Jesus gave his disciples 'authority' over evil spirits. But He went on to say that they were not to 'rejoice' in that authority but rather rejoice that their names were written in the book of life.

When we even begin to think that 'we' have authority over another spirit, have we not basically fallen into Satan's form of authority?

So long as we rejoice that we belong to God's family of love then the evil spirits cannot use their form of control over us and we remain in God's form of government.

Satan may think he has gained advantage by being able to hurt the body, but Jesus reminds us that we are not to be afraid of that. What we do need to guard against is coming under the control of another by loosing our connection with our heavenly family.

That is also why Jesus could say to His family: 'Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, give I unto you, let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.'

Why do we need have no fear? We can remember who we are in the Father - His beloved child.

Until we meet again, May God's peace be in your heart because He consider's you His family.

Bringer of Peace

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hi, still from Illinois

Here it is almost September, already. As mentioned earlier we led out in a Vacation Bible School in Illinois. My sister-in-law had been having some lower back pain but after we arrived it got so bad she couldn't walk. We stayed a week longer because my brother went on a business trip. There were some things that needed to be taken care of at our farm so we finally decided that I would stay here to help as I could and my hubby would head back home to take care of matters there.

Through this experience I believe the Lord is leading me to learn more about His kind of peace.
He has promised, "Peace I leave with you" (That evidently is a gift.) "My peace I give unto you".
This next part I have been thinking about more as well. "Not as the world giveth, give I unto you." Whatever God's peace includes, it isn't necessarily what the world calls 'peace'.

Another part of God's kind of peace is that His peace involves my heart, for He goes on and says, "Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

So God's peace is different than the world's peace. It is a gift from Him (not something I work up), and it keeps heart trouble away.

That is very obviously more than only an intellectual assent to a list or facts.

I recently read a book dealing with relationships. A statement was made - having to do with our relationship with God (Jesus) - that set me thinking. Jesus didn't say, I will show you the 'way'. He said, 'I am the way'. He is not looking to be some dictator - telling us each step without our assent or permission. He is wanting us to experience His presence. Peace comes when we know God loves us so much that we can 'fall into His arms' and 'He will watch our 'back' - we can trust Him.

He has got me 'covered', whether I am in Illinois, Virginia or anywhere else.

You are loved like that as well.

Until we meet again,

Peace be with you

Bringer of Peace

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

News From Illinois

A little over a week ago I got a call from Illinois asking if I would lead out in their VBS (Vacation Bible School) for their church. (It is my brother's church so we are staying with him)

Well, we are here and the VBS started last evening. It wasn't as big as hoped for but I believe it was still a blessing to those who came and those who are working with the children. I know that I was blessed.

We are staying at my brother's place but he, personally, is in Colorado helping some friends move. When we got here his wife had been having some sciatic problems for some time. We have been trying to relieve her by helping her do some things around the place so she could stay off her feet more.

After my brother left (he drove a truck for friends out to Colorado to help them move) she got worse. Sunday night was really hard on her. She tried soaking in a 'clay bath' to see if that would help but it seemed very temporary. She tried some extra strength pain medicine but that did little or no good either. Late Sunday evening I tried working with her legs to see if massage and gentle range of motion might help. She was able to get a little more 'comfortable' and did sleep a little while for which we were grateful.

Monday she rested most of the day except when we took her to the Dr's office. It was a 'little' better but not much or enough. This morning we took her to an appointment for an MRI. She was finally able to sleep after quite a bit of pain after the MRI.

We are praying for her recovery. I am also very grateful that we could be here, especially while my brother was gone. It is not common that we come this way from Virginia.

There are predictions that today may be the hottest day of the year so far here in Illinois. When I heard how hot it might get - upper 90's and possibly three digit heat level, it reminded me of what we have had the past several weeks in Virginia. It has been 90 plus for at least 2 weeks or so and a number of triple digit days thrown in for a 'variety' ( I guess ). Before that it has been so dry that most of the grass was brown. We did get some rain recently which helped some.

Anyway, back to Illinois happenings, we have been treated with utmost kindness and care. We have been blessed working with the folks here in preparing for the "Passport to Life" VBS program and we are thankful for the fellowship with others who love the Lord.

I have not been able to keep up with my email due to computer problems and a few related challenges, but I suppose that may be a little bit of a blessing in some respects as well. And, for those of you who know some of our past VBS experiences we have been having the 'usual' technical challenges as well. This time it seems to be more computer than printer difficulties, although the printer does have issues as well. I had obtained a desk top computer (quad4) but have concluded that simply means there are four heads that have to have a committee meeting every time I put in a request for an activity to be performed. After they call everyone and hash out my request then they finally (usually anyway) decide who will be responsible and then get on their 'high horse' and 'do it', hopefully.

Honestly, I do think that this quad 4 (wwindows 7) is slower than my older xp and at times I have wondered if my 386 may have even been better. But since there is no turning back, I join the 'horse and buggy' era (or at least it sure seems that way part of the time) and try to get done what I think I would like to have done for the current VBS - if and when the committee meetings 'do their thing'.

On a happier note, we are thankful that at least part of the time our cell phone works so we have been in touch with others from time to time. Even though we have have challenges it has been a time to 'get away' from some of our daily routines back home, which does have certain 'rest' advantages when looked at from that perspective.

I still have much to do before the VBS begins again this evening so will 'sign off' for now.

Until we meet again, remember that God loves you and is excited for you to know it.

Bringer of Peace