Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave - What kinds?

Many folks are experiencing extreme heat about now. Today may not have been 'quite' as hot - upper 90s - but it is still just plain hot. We did register around 105-106 earlier in the week. The corn fields are displaying symptoms of the heat by looking more wilted. Those kinds of symptoms are not ones that are comfortable or most of the time wanted.

On the other hand my mind has been pondering another kind of 'heat wave'. Those who have been learning more about the Creator God of the Universe are acquainted with some times when things got 'intensely hot'. In the case of the four Hebrew men who chose to not worship the image set up by the king things got mighty hot. But that decision also revealed that when God goes through 'hot times' with us, we might even be given the privilege of walking with the 'fourth man' - Jesus Himself - in the midst of the heat.

Coming back to the more physical realm our garden seems to be doing very well in the heat. One reason has been it has been given extra water. Duane has been giving it a drink every day or so. The tomato plants seem to thrive in heat as long as their other needs are met - food and water.

Might that be something to consider looking at in the spiritual realm as well? When things get 'hot', those who are drinking and eating from God's Word on a regular basis may well reveal a power from above to 'keep them from falling' and to thrive in their relationship with Jesus. We may not be able to control the temperature but we can focus on our connection with the true source of life. Those who are wise will shine.

Could it also be that true peace in a person's heart is not based so much on the amount of 'heat' or 'stress' but upon who that person gets to know? To really know Jesus on an intimate level give not only peace but genuine joy as well.

Wouldn't mind a bit cooler weather though.

Bringer of Peace