Monday, April 30, 2007

Return to PEACE

I had an experience last week that destroyed my peace for a short time. (might be better to say short-circuited my peace, for it was not a permanent situation thanks for the God of PEACE who loves me so much and brought me back into His PEACE.)

My hubby and I were changing a 'horse manger' position. In the process it came to the point where it seemed to me as though everything I said (or did for that matter) was 'wrong'. In the midst of that experience I lost my peace. And since I no longer had peace I couldn’t share it with others. I knew something had gone wrong but instead of ‘retracing my steps' to regain what I HAD LOST, I instead shared my experience of peacelessness with all around me.

One thing from this peaceless experience (we finally came to a resolution) was I took a deeper look at how I responded.

Previous to the above situation happening in the afternoon, I had been up til about 3:30 a.m. helping a friend so I was much more tired than usual. Even though that may have been a causative factor, similar situations have occured which have ended in the same peaceless results. Therefore I asked God to show me what was root to my ‘wrong’ responses.

Several ‘items’ have surfaced but one has to do with attitude, or what some also call ‘atmosphere’.

I have on my wall behind my computer the following quote.

"Often it is our own attitude, the atmosphere that surrounds ourselves, which determines what will be revealed to us in another."

As I looked back over my recent ‘peacelessness’, I saw my loss of peace had much to do with my own attitude. I can’t control those around me, and I don’t want to. But on the other hand I do have certain 'tools' which can greatly affect those around me.

I had recently set a goal of restoring beauty to our farm by May 15 (That was one reason we were working on the ‘horse manger’, which was quite unsightly). Perhaps the push may have added to my stress level but there were also other contributing factors.

Everyone has ‘baggage’ (emotional hang-ups, grievances or misconceptions, etc.) they carry with them. Sadly, I am not yet exempt.

In the ‘horse manger’ incident it was me that got frustrated and left PEACE. (Yes, I asked for forgiveness and received it, but I don’t want to go through a ‘repeat performance’ either.)
After things had calmed down I was again reminded that in order to experience either JOY or PEACE two minds must synchronize (harmonize). I was not harmonizing with anyone for a little while which of course meant loss of ‘peace’.

I was also reminded that when I offer to ‘synchronize’ with another mind they can respond in one of three ways. They can:
‘accept’, my offer, suggestion, etc.,
‘reject’ what I offered or
‘counter’ my offer with another offer of their choosing.
(And 'counter offers' continue until one of the involved parties either rejects or accepts.)

In the above case, I believe my husband gave me a ‘counter offer’ to something I had offered (in the beginning his counter offer was based on a personal ‘fear’). Rather than 'counter offering ' back to him I accepted his ‘fear based’ counter offer’ instead of ‘affirming’ him as a person and then offering something not based on fear. But because of my acceptance of ‘fear’ the situation quickly degenerated toward fear based ‘chaos’.

Can ‘fear’ and ‘love’ co-exist? “There is no fear in love; What casts out tormenting ‘fear’ ? but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.” How do we ‘get’ that kind of love? We love him, because He first loved us. 1 John 4:18

What wonderful love of God! And from my recent experience, accepting God’s offer of love to me enabled me to receive forgiveness and return to God’s kind of PEACE in my own heart.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Atmosphere of Peace

As this Sabbath evening began I was, with a spiritual ‘family’, partaking of a ‘Sabbath feast’ - supper, song, blessing and prayer - where minds were harmonizing together in PEACE and JOY.

This Sabbath morning the text “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27) was going through my mind and I noted the following.
· The Sabbath is similar to an ‘anniversary’ of this earth’s creation.
· Sabbath love was first experienced on the first ‘full’ day of man’s (male and female) life.
· On that first seventh-day Sabbath God ‘rested’ (Genesis 2:2);
· The ‘morning stars’ sang and the ‘sons of God’ shouted for JOY.” (Job 38:7)
· God ‘blessed’ and ‘sanctified’ Sabbath (Genesis 2:3) after He completed His creation.
· Keeping the seventh-day Sabbath holy is the outward ‘sign’ of allegiance to Creator God.

What does it mean to ‘keep’ the Sabbath God’s way?
The Bible describes His view of Sabbath ‘keeping’.

God’s plan for Sabbath includes ‘delight’ (luxury, intensely pleasant) and ‘honour’ (rich, weighty)!
“ . . . Call the sabbath a delight, the holy (pronounce/observe sacred, clean) of the LORD, honourable; and shalt honour him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking [thine own] words not an ‘I can’t do my ways on the seventh-day Sabbath,’ but God freeing me from activities which steal time from worshiping the Creator God: then shalt thou delight thyself in the LORD; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken [it].” Isaiah 58:13,14

Sabbath reminds me of God’s ‘rest’ (repose, intermission).
“And he said unto them, This [is that] which the LORD hath said, To morrow [is] the rest of the holy sabbath unto the LORD: Exodus 16:23

God invites me to meet Him in holy ‘convocation’ (worshiping God in a group - encounter, to call, address).
“Six days shall work be done: but the seventh day [is] the sabbath of rest, an holy (clean) convocation; ye shall do no work [therein]: it [is] the sabbath of the LORD in all your dwellings.” Leviticus 23:3

‘Keeping’ Sabbath (make, pronounce, observe as clean) includes remembering (mentioning, marking).
“And remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Egypt, and [that] the LORD thy God brought thee out thence through a mighty hand and by a stretched out arm: therefore the LORD thy God commanded thee to keep the sabbath day.” Deuteronomy 5:15 (past)

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.” Exodus 20:8 (present)

“Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the sabbath, to observe the sabbath throughout their generations, [for] a perpetual covenant. Exodus 31:16 (future)

"For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain. And it shall come to pass, [that] from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD." Isaiah 66:22 (future)

How awesome! Each Sabbath offers me another uniquely special opportunity in time to worship, praise and glorify God personally and in unity with God’s family. Appropriate music, prayer, meditation, instruction in righteousness as well as communicating love, joy and peace with other minds who are in harmony with God’s mind results in blessing the Sabbath. God's purpose for the Sabbath was that it be special time on a regular basis when He and I would be together without all the cares of life to weigh me down. He also longs for me to ‘delight’ -
experience His JOY and PEACE during each Sabbath.

May you experience God's peace

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vindicating God brings Peace

God has been accused. He has also chosen to allow the accusations against Him to be assessed to see if they are 'true' or 'false'. The Universe is the jury. His witnesses in this case are all who have chosen to accept His plan to incorporate them (adopt them) into His family. One of the benefits of being a witness to what God is really like and who He really is (uncovering the truth about God's character) is that we can be 'baptized' (completely immersed) with His Spirit of Peace. Yesterday I saw that happen in a friend's life.

In short, a friend of mine got a letter. She was expecting something different in the letter than what 'came'. When my hubby and I came over she was in tears. We spent a little while with her and then I told my hubby to go on home (he needed to do a few things there during the evening) and I would use her car (at her suggestion) to come home later. Yes, it took time, but by the time I left I believe I had seen God's character vindicated in her life witness.

The situation she is in may get worse, which is more than likely what could happen. But as we went over present known facts we began to see more and more clearly that God was needing someone who would 'stand up' for Him and vindicate Him and refute lies that were being propogated concerning what He is like.

In my mind I saw her reaffirm the challenge to be God's witness and to allow Him to vindicate His true character through her in the present circumstances. The more confirmed she became in that determination to vindicate God the more PEACE she manifested. By the time I left she was in 'HIS PEACE' - Praise the Lord.

One really nice 'side effect' was that I was able to experience at least a small part of that peace in my heart as well.

"Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth, give I unto you: let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." John 14:11

May God's peace be in you,

Bringer of Peace

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


For some time I have been 'unpacking' some of the Psalms. By that I mean that I have attempted to understand not only the meanings of the words used in each Psalm and in context but then I spend time pondering what it means to me in the here and now.

At times I have shared some of those paraphrases here.

A friend seemed interested and asked if they could share with someone else some of these paraphrases. After thinking about it I decided to post them, as I complete them, at another blogsite. Each psalm deals with another aspect so they are not always directly related to 'Peace' but my desire (and I believe) is that they all will lead you to the God of Peace.

Visit my paraphrase site as you choose. It's link is listed on the right side.

I do desire that should you read any or all of them it will draw you closer to the God of Peace.

Bringer of Peace

Peace in the Midst - 3

Scene one - I have just gotten up and am in the bathroom getting dressed when the phone rings. A friend is in distress and hopes I can come to her place as soon as possible. (Complete change of plans for the day. ) Result: most of the day spent at her place and seeing God bring peace.

Scene two - I recently got back home after spending most of the day with my friend. After eating supper I decided to work on a project here. We have been working to get the kitchen in the big farm house in a more useable condition for three people to share (not easy when each one thinks they need a whole kitchen for themselves as they had before coming here). Someone had given us some cabinets and we decided to put them up on an unfinished wall for use by one of the residents. As could be expected the other folks had 'objections' . One said we should wait until the wall was finished before putting the cabinet up (when will that happen?) The other couldn't figure out why more space was needed because the main part of the kitchen has been completed (and that resident has filled all those cabinets up) so why was more space needed? Interestingly enough the one who would receive the benefit of the current 'space' does the most cooking, or so it seems. Results: some folks won't 'get peace' because they are not looking to have peace.

Scene Three: I am reading a very special letter from a friend named David. He had some life challenges and shared some of what he learned with me in this letter. I think he wrote it more to God in the first place, but he shared it with me in hopes it would help me too. I've had it for a while but it came back to my mind (maybe because of some of the situations I am in as mentioned) so I got it out and reread it.

Open up to me, O Self-Existent One, for kind, merciful people have just about disappeared. Those who build up and foster trust have almost vanished from society. Those left arrange to devastate, ruin or make useless those around them while at the same time they talk nice to the very ones they are undermining. The Creator God will disconnect His life power source from all who speak one way and act the opposite, brag about themselves or twist what others say as well as those who think they can control others by their words, can talk as they choose and yet boast that no one else can tell them what to do.
“My response to the devastation of the depressed and the shrieking and groaning of those who have been forced to beg,” says the Creator God, “is that I will now protect from scoffers those who choose to accept My will for them”. (What the Creator says is as pure as completely refined silver.) O Self Existent One, You WILL protect and maintain those who have chosen to accept Your will for their lives even when those who are morally wrong surround them and unstable, tempestuous people appear to control.


(What David shared with me you might also call a 'prayer'.)

Current conclusion: Real peace comes from within. Genuine peace is not dependent on externals. While it may be nice to have everything 'just so', since I am presently in a 'war zone' that is not often the case. Then I thought of the following quote "Great Peace have they which love Thy law and nothing shall offend them." Psalm 119:165 Does that mean that when I feel offended it may be because I do not understand real love? Upon what is my focus? I am beginning to believe that experiencing 'Peace' has more to do with my 'life power source' rather than what is happening around me.

In the context of the 'war zone' I are presently living in it is basically whose side I choose to be on as to whether I will have 'peace' or otherwise. Here is the offer I received for choosing to be incorporated into the Creator God's family .

"Now the God of Peace fill you with all JOY and PEACE in believing, that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost." Romans 15:13

Bringer of Peace

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Spirit of Peace

Once a week I stay with a lady overnight. When I pulled up to her place I immediately noticed a police car sitting in her driveway. Needlees to say I immediately had some questions and a change of feelings inside me. I decided to go on in since it was time for me to 'be there' but I stayed in the 'background' until the visitors were gone.

Later the lady told me that a previous employee was under suspicion for 'taking' some valuables. I responded that I hoped she didn't feel that way toward me to which she quickly responded to me in the effect that "You have a different spirit".

Every person is surrounded with an 'atmosphere'. Even before speaking to someone you usually already have a 'feeling' about the person you are in contact with. This is both Biblical and scientific.

What is my spirit - the atmosphere surrounding me - today?

Do I have the Spirit of Peace - the peace that passes all human understanding - today?

That is my desire.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Peace in the midst -2

My brother has said it so well in his blog that I would just like to recommend you reading it there for yourself in his blog titled 'Slandering God' In short, when I 'worry' am I not slandering the very God who loves me so much. Am I in essence saying to the One who made me and knows best how I am to operate, "You can't be trusted so I've got to take care of my life myself, or at least partly myself". But that puts a tremendous 'non-peace' stress load on me when I get that kind of 'high-horse' mentality. '

On the other hand, when I hugged my son, assured him that he is still a special man, encouraged him to refocus on his dreams to become a success - even when his present goals aren't presently the same as I would have considered top priority (but material success and who he is are two separate topics) - that kind of experience helps me to refocus on what is really important in life and what is God's plan to bring peace into daily living.

May true peace be yours today

Peace in His Story - 2

This morning I spent some more time pondering Psalm 12. It has been fascinating to me how many times this topic of 'peace' is also of concern to our Creator who made us in the first place. And to be honest, real peace in my life or any other life really comes when we are in touch with the Author of Peace.
Isn't our God wonderful. There may not be many folks left who can be trusted and who endeavor to bring peace to those around them, but so long as we "behold the Lamb of God", Jesus will be our Peace and Protection.

If you would like to read my paraphrase of Psalm 12 go to

Peace to you.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Peace in His Story

So much has been happening and at times it seems so quickly I have at times felt overwhelmed in some respects. I think a lot of the events though have been in the realm God leading me through experiences to understand Him better.

I had been doing some word study in Psalms. I look up the meaning of each word in the portion I am studying and then, after completing that I attempt to 'write it' from my present understanding. I was studying in Psalm 10 but seemed to get bogged down. Finally I left it 'half finished' and moved into Psalm 11. One evening I was sharing with our son some of what I had been learning in Psalm 11. He got interested and, to make a long story short, he ended up with putting together 'his' paraphrase which follows.

Psalm 11 - My Son's paraphrase

I find refuge in God as my fortress. Why do you say to me ‘run like a ‘scaredy cat’, ‘fly faster than a humming bird’ to the hills and ‘play dead like a possum’?
Come on, man. ‘Don’t you know, haven’t you heard, hasn’t anyone ever told you’, The wicked! All they do is scheme. They set traps and attack those who are righteous, like hunters that lay in wait to kill.
Hey man, (Slap - on the side of the head) The Lord is in heaven and He knows what is going on. He puts everyone to the test - as one tests a weld. Those who are ‘good welds’ He shows off and He is proud of and admires: they are His trophies that He shows to everyone. Those who fail are not good for any practical use. Like a ‘bad weld’ that cracked, they are discarded and will eventually be melted down as at the ‘foundry’.

Interestingly enough, after finishing Psalm 11 my interest in Psalm 10 revived, so I returned to where I had left off in that portion. One particular morning I had finished doing the word study and began to work on 'my paraphrase'. As I did so I suddenly realized that the message in this Psalm was specifically for ME just then. I am not a professional writer but what I wrote as I understood Psalm 10 then is posted at

The more I have been studying the Bible this way the more I have been really learning about the God of Peace.

"Thy Words were found and I did eat them, and Thy Word was unto me the JOY and Rejoicing of mine heart, for I am called by Thy Name, O Lord God of Hosts. Jeremiah 15:16

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Peace in the 'midst'

So much has been happening I at times have a feeling like I'm at least a day ahead of myself. I almost 'met' myself getting up when I went to bed 'this morning' - but not quite.

For some time I have had a growing sense that the Lord is going to use some materials He has had me develop for teaching children in the spiritual realm in a 'bigger' way. Yesterday I talked with a lady who has seen some of my materials and was requesting some additional study guides to use in a sort of 'week of prayer' she will be giving at a church school. Since up til now I have done most of the printing via my computer I told her I would try but wasn't sure I would get it done in time to send it in the afternoon mail. It took even longer than I thought and needless to say I wasn't done with the printing job before 5 p.m. I felt a little bad and finally decided to let her know they would be at least a 'day' late. She didn't answer her cell phone but the pastor who's number she had given me (where she was going) was available. Interestingly enough he had gone by our place earlier in the day but she hadn't yet told him about the materials. When I explained a little bit he became very interested also. To make a long story short he came by this morning on the way south and picked up not only the study guides she wanted but I had had opportunity to prepare a number of other materials that I believe he may be interested in using as well. While talking with him on the phone he asked me if I would be willing to teach others how to use these materials. I assured him that I would be happy to. Then he asked me if I would be willing to go to Africa and share there to which I also affirmed - according to the Lord's will.

'In the midst', or even while something is happening seems to be the way things have been going recently here. While all of the above was 'going on', I also felt the need to spend some quality time with Carl. We worked together in his room for a while in the morning before he was 'on his way' . Then, when he returned from work rather late it seemed he was interested in communicating. I asked him if I could read to him an article called 'A surprise ending'. He agreed and even though it did take a little longer than we should have been up I believe he profited and maybe even enjoyed it - or so it seemed.

All of the above was on top of the fact I had promised that if at all possible I would get a 'songbook' ready for use on this coming Sabbath for one of the classes and for afternoon visiting at a nursing home. (Time will tell if that book gets done at the rate I am going, but I'm still going to try.) And on the 'side' Duane and I have been trying to help a friend here at the farm get some extra shelving in her room so she can get a little more organized. She has been so busy though that it has been hard for us to coordinate when she is available. She has been taking care of the cats fully now as well as she helps a lady in town so she has had plenty to do also.

Actually I didn't even get over to my friend's house yesterday to help her at all, but she seemed to understand that I just couldn't spread any 'thinner' right then. (I think I may even lay down for a little while more this morning too before going that direction.)

But 'in the midst' I am sensing that I have a God so big, so great, so loving that He is still in control. Reading that 'A surprise ending' was good for me too for it reminded me anew that God is not 'out to get' me or you or anyone. That is Satan's lie about God. God is in the business or restoring my soul and leading me to Him and His peace even 'in the midst'.

And the more I experience His JOY and His PEACE the more I have to share with others - like you! He tells me again, "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth, give I unto you; let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" for John 14: 27 says "Peace I leave with you". "In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of cheer, I have overcome the world."

Bringer of Peace

Monday, April 9, 2007

Peace - In Spite of Surroundings - 2

Sunday evenings I stay with a lady in town. She is in a wheelchair and can't manage by herself. We usually have a very nice time together. This morning my other friend needed me to be over at her place rather early. She was concerned that the lady who is suing her might have some other 'actions' planned against her so she asked me to just 'come and be there' which I did. The other lady did come but to our knowledge her actions did not become 'defensive'. While we were waiting we got to discussing some interesting Bible portions including Matthew 18 amongst others, and after the lady left we also spent some time on Bible subjects. I found it very interesting that even in the 'middle' of 'outward' circumstances that were aiming to 'upset' my friend we were being blessed with the 'Word'.

I am weary this evening and need to aim at getting a bit of sleep - barring other interruptions.
On the other hand since many of the 'interruptions' in the past few days have been very much worth it, even though I am tired, I'm thankful as well.

Bringer of Peace

Sunday, April 8, 2007

God's kind of Peace

This morning I was pondering on the Bible story about when Israel was at the Red sea. I was reminded of some details I hadn't thought of for a while.

I wouldn't call the situation in which the Israelites were in as 'peaceful' in the usual definition of the word. In front of them there was a formidable body of water. On either side of them mountains loomed as a rather effective barrier, especially for about 1 million or so people. And now, for those who wished to look that way, behind them could be seen the flashing armor and moving chariots of Pharaoh and his army in hot pursuit of them.

Remember that these people had been in slavery for 'many years' previous to God's miraculous deliverance of them from slavery in Egypt. During this forced slavery, they had been pretty much immersed in a superstitious culture. They had also purposefully been kept in as much ignorance as possible by their slavemasters, the Egyptians.

With that in mind, what might the Israelites been thinking about this 'massive' cloud that supposedly was 'leading them'? Some probably looked upon it with wonder while some regarded it with fear and others declared it was a favorable omen. Nevertheless they had all followed it, even when, to their minds, it began to go 'in a wrong direction' - away from the 'main road' and off into a tractless wilderness and then, even worse, directly toward the Red sea in a rather narrow ravine, between two impassible mountains. How much worse can things get? To those minds it did get worse for the word was passed through the ranks that Pharaoh's army was coming in hot pursuit of them.

Lacking discipline and self-control, some became violent and unreasonable. But the Creator God did not 'leave them', even though they began to think so. As they watched that majestic cloud rose from before them and went to the rear of the encampment. To the Egyptian army the cloud became an intense wall of darkness and they were forced to halt. But as night settled in, the cloud became a great light to the Hebrews.

Exodus 14 gives more Biblical details. In verse 21 it says God commanded an 'east wind' to blow which opened a path through the sea. I hadn't thought about it before but the wind was blowing into their faces if it was blowing from the east. (They were traveling east.)

As I have thought about that (walking into a seemingly 'strong' wind) I began to wonder how many times I have misinterpreted God's actions in my life in the wrong way. Has God been sending an 'east wind' - even strong at times - to enable me to move in the way of His leading, yet I became 'unreasonable' or worse?

Thank God, the story doesn't stop there. Even though the above attitudes were demonstrated in some of the people, they all responded to the call to "Go Forward".

There are many more lessons in this story (which I may explore later,) but the 'rest of the story' was that by the next morning, a million or so people were safely on the eastern shore of the Red sea while Pharaoh with all his Egyptian army were drowned - in the Red sea.

That is a wonderful 'peace' Israel experienced that morning, even if I do say so myself.

I may share more on this later but for now may I encourage anyone who is reading this to keep your eyes on the God who loves you so much that He will do whatever it takes to set you free and give you His Peace, so long as you keep your eyes on Him and 'go forward' at His time and in His way.

Bringer of Peace

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Peace - In spite of surroundings

It hardly seems possible to be finishing another week - already. And during this week that many have had their minds turned to the passion week of Christ's life, it seems as if the supernatural battle has intensified, particularly around here.

Yet, time after time I saw God 'handing out' (sharing His) Peace with all who would accept Him.
The lady I have been helping has been 'confronted' a number of times with 'circumstances' that were very possibly aimed at frustrating her, trying to 'get her' to loose 'peace'. And time after time God drew near and again and again I saw her 'regain' His Peace in her heart and life.

Thursday evening My hubby and I were in Walmart getting some groceries. I came up to one of the aisles pushing our cart when I noticed another 'cart' coming out. 'Pushing the cart' was a man we have had some unpleasant expereinces with in the past. I have almost 'dreaded' what would happen if we were to 'meet', but this time as I saw him I said a cheery 'hi' and he smiled back. As I walked on I was praising the Lord!. Why? My attitude was changed!!!

Some of you may know that for about 3 months I helped a friend by taking care of her cattery while she was recuperating from a 'broken leg'. A couple of weeks ago I 'retired' from that job and she has taken it over. Duane is still feeding her horse, goats and chickens. She has been getting the bags of food but we have pretty much gotten the 'hay' for the horse and big goat. We were getting low so I picked up a big bail of tightly packed hay that looked 'very good' , thinking I had done her a favor. But when I gave her the 'bill' for the hay she promptly told me not to buy any more as there was now plenty of grass in the field. (Not hardly. We even got snow last evening.) In the past I have at times gotten quite irritated with her for what seems to me as indifference to the needs of her animals. This time, however, I simply told her that as long as Duane was 'feeding' the horse we would assure there was enough food for the horse.

Sometimes communication between people, and even between family members, can get stalled. Last night God gave me some communication with our son that definitely gave me peace as well as joy. I may be tired (the best part was after 1 a.m.) but relished every bit of this wonderful experience. That doesn't mean we 'solved' anything, but the most blessed part was that we culminated the 'time' unpacking a portion of scripture. I had already written, in my own words, what this portion of scripture was coming to mean to me as a part of 'study time' I take. After also reading several versions together, he began to 'put it' into his own paraphrase while I wrote it down. First is my paraphrase and then his.

O Creator God, the One in whom I confide; why do you say to me, disappear as a bird among the hills?Oh, those who are wrong set up a trap, they are ready and plan from obscurity how to shoot those whose life is right. When correct morality is ‘done away with’ what can those who are right do? From His sacred place in control the Creator God is watching everything happening on this earth. He investigates those who agree with Him, but those who do not agree with Him and those who love to be cruel and do damage He hates, which will bring upon them snares, fire and sulphur and famine with blowing winds. The Creator God loves those who agree with Him and He smiles with pleasure at them.

When Carl was in high school he took welding class and refers to that as an illustration below.

I find refuge in God as my fortress. Why do you say to me ‘run like a ‘scaredy cat’, ‘fly faster than a humming bird’ to the hills and ‘play dead like a possum’?
Come on, man. ‘Don’t you know, haven’t you heard, hasn’t anyone ever told you’, The wicked! All they do is scheme. They set traps and attack those who are righteous, like hunters that lay in wait to kill.
Hey man, (Slap - on the side of the head) The Lord is in heaven and He knows what is going on. He puts everyone to the test - as one tests a weld. Those who are ‘good welds’ He shows off and He is proud of and admires: they are His trophies that He shows to everyone. Those who fail are not good for any practical use. Like a ‘bad weld’ that cracked they are discarded and will eventually be melted down at the ‘foundry’.

Each situation was different. Yet in each one I sense God leading me into a peace. Whether it was sharing God's word with another, receiving an attitude of peace from God or even just standing for what I believe to be 'right' , I believe God is showing me more and more how to 'live in peace' in His way.

May God speak good to you even as you have read the above.

Maiden, bringer of peace

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Peace through Communication

This afternoon when I went to 'work', my friend had received a 'note' from the person who is suing her. As I shared with her, she began to ponder the thought that perhaps this was a baby step forward. The written note, left at the house by the lady when she came this morning, at least was communication - which hadn't been happening at all for quite some time. I encouraged my friend to respond, albeit small. She wrote at the bottom of the note thanks and appreciation for letting her know what was written in the note.

That may sound small, but to me, having been learning about 'affirmation' being the first step in developing true communication, it was a step in the right direction. Whether or not the other person responds affirmatively at least my friend extended the offer of 'peace'. And as she worked on that little note it seemed to me that her attitude improved. There is still a lot ahead but while all this is happening I hope I am learning to keep in my mind "Who I am as God sees me".

Others may communicate to me words and phrases aimed at trying to make me believe that 'I am worthless, I am no good,' etc. Who does God say that I am? That is "The Truth" and "The Truth" (Jesus) sets me free from lies.

True PEACE and JOY is experienced in a new dimension when "The Truth" is within me.

I'm still learning

May God's peace be in your heart,

Bringer of Peace.

Peace through Communication

A lot has been happening lately. It seems I have been living in two worlds. In one arena I have been seeing the 'tearing down' effects of 'non-communication' and in the other area I have been experiencing possibilities when communications become 'united' or at least 'open'.

I have been 'hired' by a lady to help her with a variety of 'jobs'. It started out as cleaning her house and running errands for her as needed. As time has progressed we have come to be friends as well as me 'working' for her. In her 'life' is another person who had expressed an earnest and persistant desire to treat this lady as 'mother'. The lady I work for had slowly come to agree to that arrangement and eventually had even agreed to come and live on the same property as the one wanting to treat her as 'mother'. Then, last summer the 'daughter' seemed to suddenly 'turn away', even to the point of 'suing' the lady I work for. The situation has gotten rather 'nasty' (in my words). I don't know all the details but I can assure you the current situation is not tending toward 'peace'.

I have been listening to some excellent presentations on communications. And since most of us are more involved in 'wrong' ways of communicating than correct methods, a few incorrect ways have been presented - as contrast - to help quit communicating using 'wrong ways'.

One area I have really become aware of in my experience is that there are at least two levels of communication. There is a surface, or topical, level of communication. Then there is a relational level in communication.

This morning my husband said he had been 'coughing' more lately. (topical) I made a suggestion of a dietary change that I thought might be of help (topical). In my perception his answer to my suggestion changed the discussion from strictly 'topical' to 'relational'. I commented that I perceived the 'change' in direction, but he immediately 'denied' it. In trying to clarify what I thought I 'saw', it seemed that all we did was get into an argument. I am still pondering over what was said and how to 'properly' respond in the future.

In the meantime (and as far as I know my hubby and I are not at odds at this moment but we didn't particularly agree on definitions of words used) I am becoming much more aware how important for 'peace' communication is.

Communication involves interaction between minds. Without proper communications there can be neither PEACE nor JOY between two or more minds. Without appropriate JOY and PEACE, however, (even according to modern science), a mind will not develop a capacity to cope with stress, with life.

Going back to the situation with my lady friend, I have observed that a lack of one on one proper communication has created a 'hell' on earth. And when 'lawyers' get involved it can sometimes help, but it can also reduce possibilities of 'real' communications (just word games to see who can 'win' in a 'legal' arena, not true heart, relationship, 'talk').

I have no desire of going a legal route in my experience. But I can see, though, the need to have my eyes open to perceive what others are saying on a relational level as well as what they are attempting to say concerning a topic of the moment.

Another point that I have been observing is that until the other person accepts the fact that there are at least 'two levels' of communication, most of my observations will most likely have to remain in my own mind. If I 'say' them, that seems to bring out the 'defenses' and 'preparations for active warfare'.

There is a time for war as well as a time for peace. I no longer believe 'peace at all costs', but I would still really like to learn better ways of communications so that when I do meet those who are open to receiving God's peace through me into their hearts and lives, I can 'share it'.

Bringer of Peace