Thursday, January 16, 2014

Good News of PEACE

It has been a long time since I have written. A lot has been happening in that time.  One of the most exciting to me has been some of what I have been learning about the Creator God of the Universe, the Prince of PEACE.
Many years ago I was introduced to the Map God has given in the Bible on how He plans to reunite people with Himself.  Some have labeled that 'map' the Bible Sanctuary.  I have shared this map for many years with those who are interested.  A few years after learning about God's Sanctuary Map, I was introduced to the Armor of God.  I shared these two wonderful topics for many years. Then, not long ago I was concerned that I was not making the last step of the Sanctuary Map clear enough. Through some interesting experiences the Lord led me to realize that the Armor of God was His way of explaining His gifts to enable us to be 'at-one' with Him in love - which is also the 'last' step of the Sanctuary Map.  
The Prince of PEACE desires us to not only learn His map and experience each step, but to also share it with others.
I am going to begin to share some of this good news along with some of the activities and songs that have been developed to help me learn and remember what my PEACE Prince has share with me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave - What kinds?

Many folks are experiencing extreme heat about now. Today may not have been 'quite' as hot - upper 90s - but it is still just plain hot. We did register around 105-106 earlier in the week. The corn fields are displaying symptoms of the heat by looking more wilted. Those kinds of symptoms are not ones that are comfortable or most of the time wanted.

On the other hand my mind has been pondering another kind of 'heat wave'. Those who have been learning more about the Creator God of the Universe are acquainted with some times when things got 'intensely hot'. In the case of the four Hebrew men who chose to not worship the image set up by the king things got mighty hot. But that decision also revealed that when God goes through 'hot times' with us, we might even be given the privilege of walking with the 'fourth man' - Jesus Himself - in the midst of the heat.

Coming back to the more physical realm our garden seems to be doing very well in the heat. One reason has been it has been given extra water. Duane has been giving it a drink every day or so. The tomato plants seem to thrive in heat as long as their other needs are met - food and water.

Might that be something to consider looking at in the spiritual realm as well? When things get 'hot', those who are drinking and eating from God's Word on a regular basis may well reveal a power from above to 'keep them from falling' and to thrive in their relationship with Jesus. We may not be able to control the temperature but we can focus on our connection with the true source of life. Those who are wise will shine.

Could it also be that true peace in a person's heart is not based so much on the amount of 'heat' or 'stress' but upon who that person gets to know? To really know Jesus on an intimate level give not only peace but genuine joy as well.

Wouldn't mind a bit cooler weather though.

Bringer of Peace

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Again - At least for now

We arrived at prayer meeting at about 6:29 p.m. last evening at our church. Afterwards we followed my brother and his lovely wife home - at last. To say the least these past three months or so have been interesting, and in my opinion more like fascinating and challenging. Since we left in April we have been to Virginia; my hubby on to Florida; and then to Michigan before coming back home. We have helped several people move as well as a variety of other 'jobs' along the way.

My brother and wife will be heading out west in a few days so we will 'take care of the place' while they are gone. There is so much yet to be done here that I doubt we will have much time to 'twiddle our thumbs'.

A special friend is arriving this evening for the holiday weekend. She is bringing the 'rest' of the stuff that we couldn't fit into our car when we left Michigan. Thanks so much.

We have many pleasant memories of the past three months, but we are now looking forward to what God has in store for the future.

I have mentioned before of working with a ministry called "Passport to Life". The Lord opened the way for us to receive a laser printer (much better than what we have previously been using) and some other equipment to further advance our ability to share the good news of "Christ in you the hope of glory" as revealed in the Sanctuary of the Old Testament and the Armor of the New Testament. Thank you heavenly Father.

Before we left we had been working on getting a garden started. We had thought we would only be gone a couple of weeks, or so, and had planted tomatoes, peppers and a few other kinds of seeds. Needless to say without my brother's help the garden would have 'gone down the drain'. He has done a great job of getting the seedlings planted and getting the tomato plants tied up - so far. Now it will be back to us to keep things in order while they will be gone.

During this time of traveling from place to place we have also been having 'faith' lessons from the Lord. On our budget we do not have the financial resources to do what we just did. Time and time again we have seen God provide through various ways and means and using different folks to help us along the way, for which we thank Him who is our heavenly Father. We have also been in some training sessions on how to act more like Jesus all the time.

We have lots to do so will close for now, but we do want all who read this blog to be reminded that we ask God's Spirit to give you the kind of Peace that passes all understanding.

Bringer of Peace

Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Road Again (or rather, still)

This has been a very interesting spring to say the least.
Back in April we agreed to 'revisit' Virginia to help a friend move, at her request.
Then we agreed to help my hubby's brother get packed to move to Florida.
Then we did some more packing for someone else in Virginia before heading back to Michigan.
After arriving in Michigan we have been helping another lady move.
My sister agreed that we could go to campmeeting with her in Michigan. But that doesn't start until next week so we have been helping her to get some final trim work done on her house before we go to the meetings.
Last week we got a call asking us if we could attend a special church meeting this week so we will be leaving for that tomorrow - we think.
My brother and his lovely wife are planning to be gone for several weeks in July so we do plan to be back 'home' in Illinois by that time, Lord willing.
In the mean time our son made a quick trip back to Virginia with our car to take care of some unfinished business. We are 'babysitting' our grandson so they could travel 'lighter' going and have room to bring back some things that got left there earlier.

As far as the 'trip' is concerned, it has been a lot of miles. But to me the biggest part of this trip has been the many lessons the Lord has been sharing with me and a lot of them have to do with relationships. There have also been a lot of lessons dealing with trusting the Lord. We do not, in our own financial resources have the money to make as extended trip of this length on our own. But time after time the Lord has 'come through' with what was needed at just the right time. Our car insurance came due and I really had no idea where those kinds of funds would come from. I took it to the Lord and He not only enabled the total bill to be reduced (from about $1,200 to less than $5oo) but supplied the funds to pay it with. Yes, God often impresses others to be His hands and feet (and pocketbook) but I still believe He is the mastermind behind these providences.

Perhaps I'll share more later but for now I praise the Lord for all He has blessed us with on this many week trip and the many lessons along the way as well.

May God's peace be with you as you choose to trust God's heart as well as His 'hand'.

Bringer of Peace

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting Settled

Progress in getting all our belongings where they can 'have a home' has been slow at times but still 'happening'. My brother and his wife were in Michigan for several weeks. We were trying to get our things 'arranged' but still haven't succeeded in completing that job even yet.

My brother sings in a barber shop style quartet. Every year they take an opportunity this time of year to sing 'love songs'. They came from Michigan on Sunday and Monday - Valentine's Day - he sang, in a quartet, 'love songs' (upon request) to 'special people'. Sounds like a good job.

Besides getting settled we have been having time to ponder some other aspects of life. This past summer I had the opportunity to visit an old friend who had been through some tough times and shared some 'regrets'. I do believe the Lord guided in the visit for it gave me the opportunity to pray with and for my friend - then and continuing.

Our community of faith has been encouraging everyone to pray [with a 'logo' 7-7-7. Pray at seven a.m., seven p.m., seven days a week. ] Some times I am not always able to pray at 7 my time, but it is 7 o'clock somewhere. The 'time' is not so vitally important as is the connecting with the source of power and peace - our loving heavenly Father. With so many challenges in our world today, it brings peace to my heart that in this 'war' zone, our commander who is also our Father in heaven, has 'all power' in heaven and in earth. That can truly give a peace that the world can't take away. And, by staying in 'tune' with our loving Father we can have the peace that this earth knows nothing about.

My time is running out for right now, but until we meet again, May God's peace be with you.

Bringer of Peace

Friday, December 31, 2010

Birthday Desire

Not for quite a while have I really thought of a birthday gift for myself. I'm more than happy to come up with ideas of what others would like. I used to have fun giving gifts on my birthday rather than 'receiving' for it is much more interesting and exciting to give rather than receive.

But as I have been pondering this evening I have had a growing desire for a particular birthday gift this year.

I have had some surprises in the past years. I had thought that a couple of lady friends of mine who really enjoyed talking about their grandchildren were several years older than I am until they told me their ages - and I was definitely the oldest. (By the way I do have a grandson now which I guess adds 'grandma' to my name.) I have reconnected with a number of friends from 'yesteryear' and that too has been enjoyable. But as nice as those events have been there is something else that I have a growing desire to have as a gift.

I am longing more and more for the gift of the Holy Spirit called a 'new heart and a new spirit'. There are so many situations that I am aware of (some very painfully aware of) but without the Holy Spirit's power there is not much that can be done.

One nice thing about this gift is that my Father has already promised it to me. And because of that I am claiming it as my most valuable gift for my birthday this new year.

One other aspect of this gift is that you can have it too just for your asking your heavenly Father for it.

I will hasten to say that as we experience this gift there will be some changes in our lives. God takes us as we are but He doesn't leave us the way we were.

Whether we call it a birthday gift or whatever, just remember that God loves for us to be with Him and as we daily choose to belong to Him and accept His authority over us, He will transform us (change us to become like Him) so that we are enabled to experience ever more of Him - His Spirit. You can have that gift just as much as I can - just for the asking.

Happy New Year

Bringer of Peace

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and beyond

The way things are going recently I haven't found a lot of time to be online. That may be the best anyway. My brother's wife got an cat scratch infected and ended up in the hospital for a couple of days or so. She is home and much better.

My hubby and brother have been working on getting a kitchen set up in our part of the house. In one way it is going to be nice and I have so much appreciated the really good work. On the other hand I sure do enjoy being altogether for many meals and the fellowship.

Sabbath a visitor walked in. He looked very familier but since we are new here I figured it wasn't someone I would know. Someone else asked his name and he said his first name. It was the first name of someone I knew so I asked him his last name and for sure it was him. I had thought he was in Alaska - and he does live there, but he was visiting in the area so came to church. A very delightful surprise. Even more of a surprise was when I found out that my brother knew him too.

When asked for prayer requests I raised my hand to thank the Lord that my sister was getting out of the hospital. Then I heard her (behind me) say she was glad to be in church. She had come in but I didn't know it yet. That was another thanksgiving.

It snowed Friday evening some but just enough for a white Christmas. I don't need a white birthday but I doubt if I have a lot to say about that next Sabbath.

God is so good. I know I can trust Him. He loves for me to be with Him. That is essential for me to remember in order for me to mature. Our God is an awesome God.

My your new year be bookmarked as the year you learned a whole lot more about the loving Creator God of the Universe.

Yours in Christ,

Bringer of Peace