Friday, December 31, 2010

Birthday Desire

Not for quite a while have I really thought of a birthday gift for myself. I'm more than happy to come up with ideas of what others would like. I used to have fun giving gifts on my birthday rather than 'receiving' for it is much more interesting and exciting to give rather than receive.

But as I have been pondering this evening I have had a growing desire for a particular birthday gift this year.

I have had some surprises in the past years. I had thought that a couple of lady friends of mine who really enjoyed talking about their grandchildren were several years older than I am until they told me their ages - and I was definitely the oldest. (By the way I do have a grandson now which I guess adds 'grandma' to my name.) I have reconnected with a number of friends from 'yesteryear' and that too has been enjoyable. But as nice as those events have been there is something else that I have a growing desire to have as a gift.

I am longing more and more for the gift of the Holy Spirit called a 'new heart and a new spirit'. There are so many situations that I am aware of (some very painfully aware of) but without the Holy Spirit's power there is not much that can be done.

One nice thing about this gift is that my Father has already promised it to me. And because of that I am claiming it as my most valuable gift for my birthday this new year.

One other aspect of this gift is that you can have it too just for your asking your heavenly Father for it.

I will hasten to say that as we experience this gift there will be some changes in our lives. God takes us as we are but He doesn't leave us the way we were.

Whether we call it a birthday gift or whatever, just remember that God loves for us to be with Him and as we daily choose to belong to Him and accept His authority over us, He will transform us (change us to become like Him) so that we are enabled to experience ever more of Him - His Spirit. You can have that gift just as much as I can - just for the asking.

Happy New Year

Bringer of Peace

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