Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and beyond

The way things are going recently I haven't found a lot of time to be online. That may be the best anyway. My brother's wife got an cat scratch infected and ended up in the hospital for a couple of days or so. She is home and much better.

My hubby and brother have been working on getting a kitchen set up in our part of the house. In one way it is going to be nice and I have so much appreciated the really good work. On the other hand I sure do enjoy being altogether for many meals and the fellowship.

Sabbath a visitor walked in. He looked very familier but since we are new here I figured it wasn't someone I would know. Someone else asked his name and he said his first name. It was the first name of someone I knew so I asked him his last name and for sure it was him. I had thought he was in Alaska - and he does live there, but he was visiting in the area so came to church. A very delightful surprise. Even more of a surprise was when I found out that my brother knew him too.

When asked for prayer requests I raised my hand to thank the Lord that my sister was getting out of the hospital. Then I heard her (behind me) say she was glad to be in church. She had come in but I didn't know it yet. That was another thanksgiving.

It snowed Friday evening some but just enough for a white Christmas. I don't need a white birthday but I doubt if I have a lot to say about that next Sabbath.

God is so good. I know I can trust Him. He loves for me to be with Him. That is essential for me to remember in order for me to mature. Our God is an awesome God.

My your new year be bookmarked as the year you learned a whole lot more about the loving Creator God of the Universe.

Yours in Christ,

Bringer of Peace

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