Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catch up - March

It has been a while since I seem to have had time to write. A lot has been going on.

I am very thankful that it appears the time for snow is past. We had about 5 ft total this winter.

We were able to get some peas planted in our garden behind our house for which I am grateful.

Some time ago I began working on a 'dream' of mine. A number of years ago I developed a lesson series called "Passport to Life". We are planning to travel to heaven soon. We need to learn how to take care of our bodies in preparation for that 'trip'. It is also important to learn and experience the cleansing that God offers to give us because of what Jesus has done for us. This is illustrated in the Old Testament and is called the "Sanctuary". God has also offered us protection which is called the "Armor of God".

My dream was to collect scripture songs for all the texts in the lessons or texts that were on that topic. (There are also coloring books that correspond with the lessons which have Bible texts in them.) Well, thus far I have compiled scripture songs relating to the Sanctuary lessons. The scripture songs relating to the Armor of God lessons are 'together' but I haven't finished the 'layout' yet. The scripture song collection relating to health is still in the 'collection' stage. I have over half of the scripture songs available but that still leaves quite a few to go. But this dream is still in process, so I will keep at it whenever I can do so.

We had helped a friend a few months ago and were happy to do so. But, as so often happens, plans change. This friend had left the country and said we could have what he couldn't take. But he ended up returning so now we have been rounding up things again. I'm still glad to help.

On a little more serious note I think the Lord is working on teaching me how to be more considerate of others while at the same time allowing them their 'power of choice'. I am pretty sure I have not yet fully arrived, but the journey has indeed been interesting. What does a person do when others are so sure they are right? In name I have been given authority in certain areas, but it doesn't seem to count for much when others 'ignore'. Yes, I know there are times to 'stand up and be counted', but even God doesn't force (although He does allow consequences to come when He sees best and I think He is trying to get me taught in that area as well - letting others receive consequences and not 'shielding them'.)

I mentioned earlier the text 'Count it all joy when you have all kinds of problems. (See James 1:2-4). The Lord reminded me that 'count' indicates that most of the time there will be more than one, or two, or three - often a whole lot more. Yet when I keep in mind that each time I can count a time when there is a challenge, trial, pressure, stress, etc, it gives me another opportunity to tell God that I love for Him to be with me 'during' as well as after.

I can still rejoice that I love for God to be with me in whatever situation I find myself.

I thank the Lord that He is still in full control - not only in my life but in those I love.

I am looking forward to spring. We have had a few warm days. The pansy plants that made it through the winter are beginning to bloom better and are looking better. We planted a few lettuce plants this week. I also noticed that some of the lily bulbs are beginning to 'break ground'. Some of the daffodils may start blooming in just a few days. I did see a few crocuses but most of them got lost when we dug up flower beds last summer and fall.

I've got more to do this evening so will close for now.

May the God of peace be with you

Bringer of Peace