Sunday, March 30, 2008

Slowing down a bit

Our son had a hard time about two weeks ago with his stomach. Last night I ended up losing my last two meals or so myself. We thought at first that our son had eaten something that had caused it but I now wonder if it is more like some' bug' or such. I haven't felt bad today but I have felt like I was in 'granny gear' a good share of the day. We had baked potatoes for lunch and so far my stomach has been ok for which I have been grateful. After a little supper this evening I actually feel like I am getting into one small gear 'faster'. Maybe by tomorrow I will be a little more back to my regular self.

We had all kinds of things we wanted to do today. Friday we found a leak in a pipe under the main bathroom. Duane was able to get that fixed today for which I was grateful. There was a plastic T in one of the hot water lines that must have frozen and developed a hairline crack. That was enough for the water to be spraying out onto the ground. Beings we are on a well we are not keen on water leaks. I think it is now fixed by hubby, for which I am grateful.

We finally got some tires for the Toyota, but Carl thinks there is something still wrong. He drove it home and said there are some strange noises. Guess we will check it out tomorrow.

We had hoped to get a few things done for Sabbath School class room but that didn't 'happen' -yet anyway. There is a cabinet that I want to begin using next week but it needs wheels. We found some in town but it is too late today to begin that project.

Spring is trying to spring, but today there was ice in the air. We were able to get some things sorted in the shop - but there is so much more to do on that project as well.

I didn't get up and going until near 10 a.m. because of how I had felt during the night. My hubby was up early and got quite a bit done before I even 'opened my eyes'. I've got a very special hubby to say the least and I am proud of him. He is getting ready now to go put a cap on a drain under the main bathroom. For some reason a drain pipe had been left open when we were working on the bathroom recently so all the water was simply running out on the ground from the sink. We didn't have the right kind of cap so had to go buy one - so my hubby could put it on now.

Sometimes slowing down is quite so bad. On the other hand there are so many things that need to be done I sometimes wonder if I will ever get 'caught up'.

It is nearing the end of another day. May God's peace flow out in such a way that even as you read this blog you will sense that God is not dependent on what happens. God is looking for people who are looking to Him for His kind of peace. May you receive a double portion of God's peace just now.

Bringer of Peace

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Peace - result of cleansing

My hubby was reading from a book on the life of Christ and I was very impressed with the following thoughts.

"In the time of John the Baptist, Christ was about to appear as the Revealer of the character of God. His very presence would make manifest to men their sin. Only as they were willing to be purged from sin could they come into fellowship with Him. Only the pure in heart could abide in His presence"

One point is that the more I look at, dwell upon, behold, think about, focus upon and center my attention on Jesus' earth life the more I will know who God really is and what He is like. It is only then that I can come to the point of willingness to let God 'take away' any area in which I have disagreed with Him - be purged.

I can't agree with God if I don't really know His true character. Since He is the Prince of Peace, it makes sense that I need to find out what that really means so I can agree with His kind of Peace.

Fellowship - experience, relationship with the Prince of Peace - can't even begin to 'take place' if I am not in agreement with that Prince, So if I am interested in being 'in His Peace', then I need to learn to know Him on a personal basis - one on one.

I am thinking more about this but need to go for now.

Bringer of Peace

Friday, March 28, 2008

A miracle of Peace

A few weeks ago there developed a 'division' between two parties. One of the parties took their 'case' to the church board. After due consideration a couple of the board members talked to the other party briefly. After the 'talk' the person came and talked to me. We have been trying to help them and I could only pray that God would bring resolution. My friend commented that he wasn't sure when he would return to our church for which I felt rather 'bad', but could understand how he felt.

For some reason he mentioned the incident this morning while we were doing something together. He shared who he thought was involved. (He had not been given names when he was talked to but he was pretty sure who the other party was.) Later he got a phone call. Lo and behold it was the 'other party'. To make a long story short, the Lord's Spirit brought about 'peace' between the two parties through forgiveness.

When he shared with me what had happened I was definitely praising the Lord for how He had worked another miracle of Peace.

As I have watched events like this recently I have one regret. When something similar happened to me it took me 'three years' before I was able to 'let go' (forgive) and experience that miracle of peace. I'm glad others can learn the lesson in a lot less time.

May God's peace fill you this Sabbath day.

Bringer of Peace

More on Sabbath Peace

One of Jesus' titles is 'Prince of Peace'. And when He was here on this earth He said that the Sabbath was made for 'man'. I have been coming to more and more of a conclusion that the Sabbath is to be the 'outside sign' of God's kind of peace.

Just 'keeping' a list of 'rules' on the Sabbath is not keeping it holy in my present understanding.

The Sabbath - the day when God rested, blessed and united His new human family with Himself in love - was to be 'reviewed', 'remembered' 'delighted in' and even 'celebrated' as a sign that Jesus, as Prince of Peace, is Lord, even of the Sabbath.

So, how does a person 'review'? One way is by looking at how God has led me during the past week and rejoicing in His loving compassion, divine grace and almighty power. I also believe it is good to review that my strength from the Lord is called 'JOY'.

How do I remember? In order to remember something there has to be something to remember. In order for the Sabbath to be remembered I must have already been 'exposed' to the Lord of the Sabbath who 'created' the Sabbath in the first place and I would have had to accepted the "Prince of Peace" as 'being my prince (sounds like the born again experience, to me).

The Bible talks about 'delighting' in the Sabbath - or at least calling the Sabbath a delight. That is difficult at best if I don't know the "Lord of the Sabbath" as a personal friend and 'Father'. As I have been partaking of the Joy of the Lord day by day, to have a whole day to focus on God's Joy is a big reason to delight.

And then that word 'celebrate'. Oh, in some people's vocabulary it is almost a taboo. In other peoples language it has been known to refer to activities that lend themselves to revelry and drunkeness (Mardi Gras as an example). But just as with most words, there is a counterfeit as well as a genuine meaning. God intends that His family should experience true forms of celebration. I am still learning about this area of my Christian experience so I won't elaborate very much right now.

Having said all of the above, may I invite you to join me in worshiping the Creator God of the Universe this Sabbath.

Peace be in your heart from the Creator of real peace

Bringer of Peace

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Peace from having God's heart in control of me

I was listening to a presentation today and the speaker said something very interesting. He commented that some folks listen to their own heart 'too much'. Some should even 'fire' their heart. I had to chuckle at the thought. But the 'thought' I got was that when we are 'born again' then we will be learning to listen to God's heart rather than what 'our' heart says. The old heart has gotten pretty hardened (and a few other terms even less encouraging). But the 'new heart', 'new spirit' from God has 'wired into it' how God thinks.

When others don't understand us, when we do things that maybe we don't even understand ourselves, when circumstances seem to be 'agin' us, the new heart experience leads us to look at us and our surroundings as God sees them - and us. How is that different than before the 'new heart'? For one thing, since God is in control, I don't have to be constantly trying to manipulate the other 'hearts' in order to get them to 'see' like I do for that is now God's business.

Another real blessing is that as I focus on who God is He has pomised to make me like what He is.

I didn't always live that way today but I believe God was really working on me in that area.

Peace is trusting in God so much that, as a small baby, we can rest in His love as a baby does in a mother that he recognizes loves him.

May the God of peace enable you to know that You are very special to Him just now.

Bringer of Peace

Friday, March 21, 2008

Does having enough produce Peace?

Should peace be related to have enough _______ (fill in the blank with whatever, . . . _)? Would enough financial income bring peace - the lasting kind, anyway? Would enough clothes give one a permanent sense of peace? Will true peace in the heart ever come from what we humans consider 'enough' - of anything?

This past two weeks or so we have experienced shortage in the financial arena. I was grumbling that if 'so and so' had paid what they 'owed' us we would not have gotten into this 'mess'. But the Lord simply said that we were not to rely on that source of income for our financial 'peace'. [To be honest I'm sure we could come up with some of our choices that didn't help the situation either.] Then a close friend of mine asked me why I hadn't told her of our problem so she could have helped us out. I told her I didn't think she had much more than we had - which she didn't disagree with. We are back in the black - barely - (with no thanks to the financial policies of the place where we have our money 'stored'). But it did make me do some thinking along the lines I have been sharing.

As I looked back over the experience I was impressed again with the need to be able to find peace from a source other than having 'enough'. The temptation was definitely to lose our peace when confronted with that type of problem.

So, what is God's kind of peace based upon? There is an author who has written on peace and I have greatly appreciated the comments. Here are a few helpful gems in my learning about real peace.

" Christ longed for careworn, weary human beings to come to Him, that He might GIVE them the light and life and JOY and PEACE that is to be found nowhere else."

"As by faith we look to Jesus His JOY and PEACE are reflected from the countenances."

"There is PEACE in believing, and JOY in the Holy Ghost. Believing brings PEACE, and trusting in God brings JOY."

Real peace and genuine joy are never 'far apart'. The 'joy of the Lord is your strengh' seems very near 'great peace have they which love Thy(God's) law and nothing shall offend them.' Even science has come to that conclusion. There was almost a whole issue of TIME magazine a couple of years or so ago that outlined how the human mind increases its capacity to cope with stress - good or bad - in direct relation to how much joy/peace has been experienced in that mind.

The same author I mentioned above also wrote.
"When trial comes to prove us, when we cannot see an increase of prosperity and comfort before us, but a probably lessening of these things, when there is a pressure necessitating sacrifice on the part of all, how shall we receive Satan's insinuations that we are going to have a hard time, that everything is going to pieces, that there is sore trouble ahead of us?
saying, Lord, I believe in You, in Your servants and in Your work. I WILL TRUST IN YOU."
And remember that 'trusting in God brings peace'

I am coming to believe that God is more eager for me to have His kind of peace than I am even concerned about it. But as I seek to share God's kind of Peace and JOY with others I find I am being 'helped' to experience it also. How? Read on. "We are to be laborers together with the heavenly angels in presenting Jesus to the world. With almost impatient eagerness the angels wait for our co-operation; for man must be the channel to communicate with man. And when we give ourselves to Christ in wholehearted devotion, angels rejoice that they may speak through our voices to reveal God's love.

It is encouraging to know that even when I make mistakes, God doesn't throw me out. Just last night my son gave me his 'take' on some things I had told him and I realized that what he was hearing was not what I was thinking or had intended at all. I continue to ask God to not only help me say the right words, acts the right acts and have the right attitude but that the other person will 'receive' what I communicate in the 'right way' - or rather maybe I should say God's way.

I believe that is happening also. Son just asked if we could all go out to a local park tomorrow.

There are so many ways I see God working in an around me and I praise Him.

May God's peace be revealed in your heart and life today as well

Bringer of Peace

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ah, Sabbath Peace again

Science has 'concluded' that the human body has a 'rhythm' based on 7. It was designed to 'work' for six days and rest on the seventh. God, the one who created the human body, was the one who set it up to operate this way. The Bible record in Genesis 2 tells that God set up just such a 'cycle'. Over the history of this world other 'cycles' have been attempted. During the French Revolution a 10 day cycle was instituted - for a while. But when the 'dust' settled, even France went back to a seven day week.

A number of times in the Old Testament God declared that the seventh day - Sabbath as He called it - was the sign that He had given to show that a person was in full allegience to Him.

Secular history reveals that other 'powers' - who were avowedly against the Creator God - substituted other days as 'sacred' in place of the Seventh day Sabbath. Makes sense. If followers of other powers were to keep holy and reverent the day signifying loyalty and allegience to the Creator God, then sooner or later they would 'forget' the 'other power' they were serving. But other powers were able to persuade their followers - either by reasoning or by force - to make another day 'holy'. Some chose the first day of the Creation week to show their allegience to another power. Others chose to keep the sixth day of the week 'holy' as part of their religious beliefs. It really doesn't matter what 'other day', though, just so long as it is another day. Why? Because the seventh day Sabbath is the outside sign of an inside loyalty to the Creator God.

Ah, the Sabbath rest and peace is here again. Just think of it. 24 hours of special opportunities to get to know more about our wonderful Lord, the Creator God. There are so many things to 'do' and 'think about' and 'be' during the first six days of every week. Ah, at the end of those six days is the Sabbath Peace and rest. God is delighted when I slow down expressly to spend time with Him. I talk with Him the rest of the week. I listen to Him both through His Word and works during the six days of the work week. But on Sabbath I can honestly, earnestly and joyfully lay aside my weekly cares and responsibilities and focus anew on who the Creator God really is and what He is like.

Ah, the Sabbath Peace - coming into my heart from the God of Peace - bringing me ever closer to being in full unity with the God who loves me so much.

In my past, 'keeping the Sabbath holy' at times got into what I sometimes refer to as 'legal' - don't do this, you've got to do this, you can't do that on Sabbath, you've got to be this 'way'. etc.

What is the difference between keeping the Sabbath holy in a 'legal' sense and Sabbath keeping in God's original plan? Mainly this. The Sabbath of God's original design was a 24 hour weekly gift from God. God intended it as a delight. God, as a lover, longs to spend quality time with me who He calls His 'beloved'.

So what happens if someone else doesn't 'see' Sabbath, and its observance, as I do? For one thing, God - who does not force - is not in the business of 'making' people 'keep' the Sabbath holy. [It is, however, the one thing God said to 'remember'.(Exodus 20:8)]

Now, what are some things I enjoy doing with my Lord on Sabbath. I happen to enjoy singing so often I will join with others in singing songs of praise to God and of experiencing spiritual worship to God with others. When the opportunity presents itself I have, often Sabbath afternoon, spent time in nature enjoying the beauties God created. Usually on Sabbath morning I gather with other believers in God to focus more fully on what God is really like and what He has done in the lives of others. I also like to listen to what God has done for others and as time permits share some of what He has done for me during the past week.

During the past several months I have been teaching young children more about God on Sabbath mornings. At times I have taken time on Sabbath to prepare what I will be sharing. I like lots of visual aids for this age group so I often have things that I might need to prepare to use with my teaching of the younger children.

Someone just came and invited us to join with them in singing so I will close this for now so we can be part of that 'delightful' activity in praise to God.

Until I write again, may the God who created the wonderful time called Sabbath give you His peace - not just on this Sabbath but from this time forward.

Happy Sabbath

Bringer of Peace

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Time 'flies'

It hardly seems possible that it has been three weeks since my brother came to help with remodeling here at our place. The bathroom project turned out to be a real challenge but he finished it finally, early this week. We had started working on it about a year and a half ago. We thought we could 'finish' it but it turned out to be a lot bigger than even my brother had thought. He may get a towel rack mounted before he leaves that was just bought, but if he doesn't that is not a problem for the others here. I also plan to paint the door and window trim today so we can truly say the job is DONE!

It is so nice to see one of the projects here 'finished'. He was also able to get a window in another room installed and trimmed while he was here for which we are grateful.

Another part of my brother's time here that I have greatly appreciated has been his willingness to share with me his observations concerning me. We have often talked in the past with what I consider relationship challenges with other folks who live here. My brother watched exchanges between myself and others and often, after the fact, he would share insights as to why I might have acted, or reacted, the way I did. I found it very helpful. I believe he loves me and that makes his comments even more meaningful to me.

I wonder if the Lord also feels that way about my life. It seems I have so many unfinished projects going on in my heart. I am becoming more and more convinced that most of my trials are the result of God attempting to reveal to me areas in my heart and life that need 'completing'. Another 'reason' for some of the 'rough' experiences is also to show me if there has been progress made in the areas of life in me that God is working on at the present.

If a person 'pushes one of my buttons' and I respond just like I always have before it might be indicative that I haven't learned some lesson the Lord has been trying to teach me up to this point. The other day someone said something that before would most likely have really upset me. I felt feelings inside beginning to 'rise'. Then I remembered some of what I have been learning about remembering who I really am - a princess, a daughter of king Jesus. The comments made suddenly took on another view in my mind. I realized that I no longer needed to be upset. It wasn't something that I could do anything about at that moment anyway so just let the Lord take care of the situation. There are things that I can make decisions about but that wasn't one of them at the moment so I just let the other person have their opinion and didn't attempt to interject what I 'saw' or believed.

Another blessing during this time was that my brother brought some DVDs with him that deal with some of the subjects I need to learn more about particularly in my relations with others. I haven't been able to listen to all of them but I have listened to quite a few of them.

Another man and his son have been adding their time and effort to the remodeling going on as well. They have taken on the project to 'finish' the main kitchen in the farm house. That was also started about a year and a half ago. The main part of the kitchen - cupboards, counters, sink, etc. have been finished, but the last of the trim is yet to be installed. Then, on another wall we hope to complete an area more like a pantry - which is what they are working on right now.

Another project which is on my list is to get more of the 'trash' and 'old' stuff hauled away. We have been taking pickup truck loads to the transfer station but I have come to the conclusion that the expense of that is 'too high' for the benefit. Our pickup uses lots of diesel - possibly even $20 per trip. I am looking now at seeing the possibilities of a waste container and help to 'fill it up'. Oh it will be nice to get things back in order. I will really be happy when that job is 'DONE'!

Writing my dreams down is nice, but it isn't getting anything done. So I'm signing off now to go get something 'done' today. Hope you have a profitable day as well. Whether or not you get things 'done' just remember that the God of Peace is working in your life and You can have that peace in your heart right now just for the accepting of it from Him. It really helps, too, to remember who you are - a child of king Jesus - which means, since He is the God of peace, He will give you His kind of peace whenever you ask for it in agreement with His promises. So, I leave you God's peace as I go in peace also.

Bringer of Peace

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sabbath Peace

There is a promise of peace for all who remember the special appointment Jesus has made with each and every person every Sabbath. This week it sounds really nice. Not only have I been busy with projects, encouraging others and even trying to keep my own self going but since my brother has been here for a few days, he has been kind enough to give me some objective comments. He can see me and my reactions much better usually than I can. I am so thankful for his help in this area. I do believe that I am beginning to see some of what he has pointed out. But for the Sabbath he and our son went to visit another Christian group in northern Virginia. Sounds like they are having a good time thus far. I was talking to his wife and he called in to give a short report thus far. They were enjoying the fellowship. One other comment was that it seemed such a blessing to be with so many people and yet still sense a peace and harmony.
I believe that is God's plan, dream and goal.

May your Sabbath with Jesus be blessed.

Until we meet again,

May God's peace be upon you

Bringer of Peace

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Catch up 2

What a day! I was typing away while talking to our son. He commented that I wasn't interested. I asked him why he thought that and he said it was because I was 'busy' on the computer. Needless to say the computer got left. We ended up going to a town about 45 minutes away to get some mail for a friend. He has gone on to a business meeting this evening so I am trying to 'catch up' a little more before my hubby gets home. I'm so far behind that it would take a lot to even get near catching up but for some reason I keep trying.

The new window is almost installed. It is looking nice. There are two more to go but it is supposed to rain for a couple of days so I don't know what will happen.

Back to the drive with our son, I was really grateful for the 'time' together. It seems he has different times for doing things so I don't get a chance to be with him very much. He shared with me a few of his dreams, goals, ideas and such. Now I have more to talk with my heavenly Father about as well. He wants to be successful and have a family of up to 7 children - good goal. God delights in His kinds of families of that I am learning. Now my goal in prayer will include that God will keep him on track to become what God sees in him and be who God sees him and not get sidetracked by the devil's tricks or lies.

Even if I do say so myself I really think the farm is beginning to look a little bit better.

A pleasant spring greeting to anyone reading this.

Bringer of Peace

Catch up

It seems so much has been happening that I have hardly had time to sit down to my computer. About 2 weeks ago my brother from Illinois came to help us with some remodeling. As usual he ended up 'tearing up' a bunch before he would replace and restore. He hasn't quite finished remodeling the main bathroom but since today was a really nice day outside he and another carpenter are replacing another window in a main floor bedroom. We are trying to replace old windows with double pane windows but the progress has been rather slow. The bathroom has been a work in progress for over two years so we are all happy that the work is almost over.

My brother has also been sharing with me some things he has been learning in the spiritual realms. The last blog I wrote was sharing some of things he has shared with me which has been opening my spiritual understand and for that I have been very grateful.

A few days ago I managed to work up a small part of my 'backdoor' garden and plan a few peas and spinach. In this part of the world it is definitely the beginning of the gardening season. I saw my first crocus blooming and the daffodils are almost ready to open their sunny faces. A few hyacinths are filling out and the pansies, which have had a few blooms all winter may be starting to look better.

By the way, my brother will soon be leaving. Anyone else interested in helping us 'finish'? :)

To Anyone who is interested I have a very special prayer request from now until Friday March 7. Our son is considering going into the Army. I want God to enable him to see who he really is. God is in the business of changing, wonderfully changing

Bringer of Peace

Peace because of who God sees me as

I have been contemplating some things Jesus said in the area of peace as well as looking at His example. Just before He went into the wilderness where Satan would 'tempt' Him, God the Father declared who Jesus was by saying "This is My Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased". Satan heard those words and determined to get Jesus to either 'forget' or in some way or another 'disagree' with them. In a sense every temptation was aimed at that goal. Satan wanted to get Jesus to think of Himself as 'bigger' than what God had said and do something God had not 'planned' - turn stones into bread to 'save' His human life. Then Satan tried to get Jesus to 'jump'. As a son, Jesus was showing total respect and confidence in who God said Jesus was and as such He would not so much as give a nod to Satan's temptation to 'forget' who He really was - the Son of God and as such respect His heavenly Father's authority and plans for Him. Finally, I think in desparation, Satan attempted to take the place of the Creator, Father, God and have Jesus 'worship' him. Jesus again showed the devil, the world and the universe that He know who He was and who His Father was as well as His relationship to God as the Son of God and at the same time as God himself who would worship no other entity.

Throughout Jesus' whole life Satan continued to hound Him to try to get Him to think, talk or act in a way that would indicate that He either didn't believe who He really was or had forgotten. At the evening of the last supper with His disciples He again reviewed the evidence of who He really was. Then He made, what might have been considered by some anyway, as rather surprising declarations, not only about Himself but also about His special disciples. He told them that He whom they called their Master, and He was, was making them the judges of the house of Israel and they were sit on thrones judging Israel. Then it seemed that He turned right around and told them that they would forget who they were. Jesus told them that He considered them His loyal friends but then He seemed to contradict Himself by telling them that they would all 'run away' that very night. Sounds rather contradictory - and I have considered it such for most of my life. But then Jesus said something that began to make the whole 'talk' more meaningful. Put in my words, here is the idea. Jesus told them they were judges but they would forget who they were for a while. Jesus told them that they were His most loyal friends but they would get scared out of their wits and forget their loyalty - even that very night. BUT (and this is so important) Jesus knew that they would have time to 'think' about their 'lack of loyalty' and 'lack of judgment' - because they had forgotten who they really were and who Jesus really was (but He didn't forget) - and when they would come back to their 'senses', when they would remember who Jesus said they were - His most loyal friends and judges of the house of Israel - they were to strengthen others.

That kind of a God gives me so much hope. And that kind of a hope - especially when looking forward to uncertain times ahead - that gives the kind of Peace only God can give. God isn't interested in 'making' us go through a time of trouble. Jesus didn't 'want' to die just for the 'fun of it'. Jesus did it for the JOY of knowing that we could be His sons and daughters. Jesus came to show us how to 'stay' in His JOY and in His PEACE. Jesus calls us His family. Wow! What love!

When things get tough, rough, topsy turvy, mean, down and dirty or worse God is not asking me to look at that. God is doing everything in His power to get me to 'remember' who He said that I already am. I have given myself to Jesus and by His power added to my choice chosen to accept His declaration that says I am princess because I belong to His family. So long as I stay in that mindset then the outward troubles cannot overwhelm me. That is not saying I won't have trouble. The devil thought 'trouble' would cause Jesus to 'forget' who He really was. In the past that has often worked on me so most likely the devil will try again. But praise the Lord, so long as I stay in Jesus, He - Jesus -can enable me to remember who I really am in Him, which also enables Him to reveal to others more about what He is like also.

There is another aspect that has been opening to my mind. A lot of people have a false image of who the real Creator God is and what He is like. I know I have had some false ideas in the past as well. One of the most effective ways God has of revealing who He really is and what He is really like is as His character is reproduced in those who have chosen to accept His power in them to transform them into His image. It is making more and more sense that the closer a person comes to looking like Jesus the angrier the devil may get and the harder he may try to get that person to forget who he or she really is - a son or daughter of the Creator God.

This brings JOY to my heart though to realize that God's peace is in my heart so long as I keep focusing on who God says that I am and accepting it, believing it, sharing it with others and praising God with confidence for His good work in me.

You can have that same experience. Jesus has already made up His mind about you. He loves you and already chooses you as one of His children. As you agree with Him He breaks into singing along with the heavenly angels. His peace, which passes the ability for me to explain fully to you will come into your heart as you accept, simply, that not only does Jesus love you but He died in your place and gives you His life as a free to you Gift.

Each day, and it helps even more to remind yourself every hour, review who God says that you really are. Review what Jesus did and said that reinforces that concept. You are blessed. You are His child. We can 'live' in His peace because of who He sees we are - His family.

It isn't the coming 'collapse' that I fear the most. If I forget who God says I am, that is worse.
But it ISN'T necessary for one moment - Jesus proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. I can keep choosing to remember who Jesus said I am all the time. So can you.

Thanks for listening.

Bringer of Peace