Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Road Again (or rather, still)

This has been a very interesting spring to say the least.
Back in April we agreed to 'revisit' Virginia to help a friend move, at her request.
Then we agreed to help my hubby's brother get packed to move to Florida.
Then we did some more packing for someone else in Virginia before heading back to Michigan.
After arriving in Michigan we have been helping another lady move.
My sister agreed that we could go to campmeeting with her in Michigan. But that doesn't start until next week so we have been helping her to get some final trim work done on her house before we go to the meetings.
Last week we got a call asking us if we could attend a special church meeting this week so we will be leaving for that tomorrow - we think.
My brother and his lovely wife are planning to be gone for several weeks in July so we do plan to be back 'home' in Illinois by that time, Lord willing.
In the mean time our son made a quick trip back to Virginia with our car to take care of some unfinished business. We are 'babysitting' our grandson so they could travel 'lighter' going and have room to bring back some things that got left there earlier.

As far as the 'trip' is concerned, it has been a lot of miles. But to me the biggest part of this trip has been the many lessons the Lord has been sharing with me and a lot of them have to do with relationships. There have also been a lot of lessons dealing with trusting the Lord. We do not, in our own financial resources have the money to make as extended trip of this length on our own. But time after time the Lord has 'come through' with what was needed at just the right time. Our car insurance came due and I really had no idea where those kinds of funds would come from. I took it to the Lord and He not only enabled the total bill to be reduced (from about $1,200 to less than $5oo) but supplied the funds to pay it with. Yes, God often impresses others to be His hands and feet (and pocketbook) but I still believe He is the mastermind behind these providences.

Perhaps I'll share more later but for now I praise the Lord for all He has blessed us with on this many week trip and the many lessons along the way as well.

May God's peace be with you as you choose to trust God's heart as well as His 'hand'.

Bringer of Peace

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