Thursday, January 16, 2014

Good News of PEACE

It has been a long time since I have written. A lot has been happening in that time.  One of the most exciting to me has been some of what I have been learning about the Creator God of the Universe, the Prince of PEACE.
Many years ago I was introduced to the Map God has given in the Bible on how He plans to reunite people with Himself.  Some have labeled that 'map' the Bible Sanctuary.  I have shared this map for many years with those who are interested.  A few years after learning about God's Sanctuary Map, I was introduced to the Armor of God.  I shared these two wonderful topics for many years. Then, not long ago I was concerned that I was not making the last step of the Sanctuary Map clear enough. Through some interesting experiences the Lord led me to realize that the Armor of God was His way of explaining His gifts to enable us to be 'at-one' with Him in love - which is also the 'last' step of the Sanctuary Map.  
The Prince of PEACE desires us to not only learn His map and experience each step, but to also share it with others.
I am going to begin to share some of this good news along with some of the activities and songs that have been developed to help me learn and remember what my PEACE Prince has share with me.

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